Saturday, August 30, 2014

Book Boyfriend (33) Heath

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  • He has the right touch.

    His touch had driven me wild, to the point of wanting to make bad decisions. I found myself feeling something between us-a park- it pushed it aside and attributed to me lusting after him.

    He has an unique sense of humor.

    "Why exactly are you helping me?" I ask. I'm surprised when his first reaction is to release a soft laugh to himself.

    "Can't a guy just help a girl without it being about something other than to help out? Chivalry's not completely dead, you know. It still exists," he answers.

    I send him a questing stare. "Really?"

    He comes to a halt and spins around to face me. "Okay, you got me. I still really want to get in your pants." He moves closer, eating up the space between us. "I'm kidding," he says when he sees my face turn sour. "You intrigue me, Liv. You're not like more girls."

    He has serious moves.

    I'm silenced by Heath's lips pressed firmly against mine.. He rises up a bit and gently presses his chest against me while planting his hands on either side of my hips.

    Olivia is so serious, Heath balances her out. I know what it is like to balanced out by my love and it is the best feeling in the world. There really isn't a better book boyfriend than one who is your opposite in every way and still loves you for you.


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