Monday, October 27, 2014

Who should she choose?

Eternal the next book in the Shadow Falls After Dark series comes out tomorrow!

One my of all time favorite authors CC Hunter posted this on her website.

A list of reasons Della should end up with Steve and reasons Della should end up with Chase.

Della should choose Steve because:

* he’s hot. And looks good in his jeans!

* he’s been so patient waiting for her to get over Lee.

* he chose to give her the transfusion that bonded her to Chase believing it could save her life, but knowing he could lose her forever.

* he saved her life on the mission and even gave her some of his blood.

* she could let herself love him so easily.

Della should choose Chase because:

* he’s hot. Mysterious and sexy.

* they are both vampire and reborns and can understand each other.

* he risked his life and was willing endure extreme pain to save her life.

* she is bonded to him, drawn to him, attracted to him.

* she could let herself love him so easily.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Steve fan. Oh how I hope that she chooses him.  I will be okay if she doesn't, although I may send my kindle some evil death stares for a while.

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