Saturday, October 25, 2014

Book Boyfriend (41) Kallistos

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He is like a boy scout- always prepared.

In response he opens the closet, pulls out a hanging bag, then tosses it onto the bed.  Two shopping bags follow.

"What's this?"  I ask.

"Emergency clothes.  By the time you get out of the shower, breakfast will be here.  You now have time."

I quickly rummage through the bags.  he's thought of everything- shoes, stockings, undergarments, classic black pantsuit, and a dove gray poplin shirt with French cuffs.

He has no shame asking for what he wants.

My cell phone vibrates announcing a new text.  Hot vampire here with cold champagne.  Awaiting your arrival.

He is understanding of the situation Emma is in.

"I am devoted to you.  I will forever remain so.  Demeter is the only one who could jeopardize that, and her ability to do so, her power to do so, is extremely restrictive."

Kallistos is not the main love interest for Emma because is is not suppose to love.  She is cursed by Demeter to never love, so it may seem weird that Emma's "friend with benefits" is my book boyfriend for the week.  Honestly, I like him more than the main love interest, Zack.

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