Saturday, October 11, 2014

Book Boyfriend (39) Tod

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He knows that the way to a girls heart is through her brain.

“Have I ever told you how sexy your brain is?"

"Finally! A man who wants me for my brain."

"I want all of you. Each individual part and the sum of them all. I want you for everything you are and everything you will ever be. I will never have enough of you, because there's no such thing." He stared right into my eyes, and I couldn't have looked away if I'd wanted to. I was trapped, and never in my life had I been so happy to be caught. "I will never let you go again.” 

~With All My Soul

He is always there for Kaylee.

“His gaze burned into mine, like he could see past my eyes into parts of me no one had ever seen, and I knew I was seeing the same in him. No one else had ever seen him so vulnerable before, like if I pushed him away, he might crumble into pieces that could never be put together again. Yet there was strength, too. He was strong beneath that fragile need, and I knew that I could never fall with him next to me. If I tripped, he would catch me. If I lost my balance, he would find it.” 

~Before I Wake

He cares for Kaylee- more than she realizes.

“Kaylee, this means something to me.” His hands trailed down my arms to cup my elbows, and his gaze held mine. “With any

luck, we’re going to have millions of moments over the course of eternity, and I plan to love every one of them. But we’ll never
have this moment again, and this is very important to me.” The twists of blue in his eyes coiled so tightly the color was almost gone,
lost among pale shades of a need so deep it couldn’t possibly be captured in a kiss, or a touch. 

~Before I Wake

He is romantic.

"You’re the brightest thing I’ve ever seen, Kaylee. You’re this beautiful ball of fire spitting sparks out at the world, burning fiercely, holding back the dark by sheer will. And I always knew that if I reached out—if I tried to touch you—I’d get burned. Because you’re not mine. I’m not supposed to feel the fire. I’m not supposed to want it. But I do. I want you, Kaylee, like I’ve never wanted anything. Ever. I want the fire. I want the heat, and the light, and I want the burn.” 

~If I Die

There are a lot of people that were Team Nash, but Tod will always hold a special place in my heart.  When I need a pick me up there books are just what the doctor ordered, especially the scenes with Tod in them.  I love how he is with Kaylee, even when she was with Nash.

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  1. I never fell for Tod. As soon as I saw where this was going, I stopped reading the series. I know a lot of peeps feel like you do. I just felt like Nash got a raw deal. I didn't want to have things turn out for Tod. One day, I may give the rest of this series a chance. Great pick.

    Hope all is well.