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Review: Walker Saga Bundle

Author Jaymin Eve
Format e-book
Print Length 713 pages
Publisher self-published
Published April 3, 2015

This bundle contains books 1-3 in the bestselling Walker Saga. Follow Abigail and her friends as they journey through the First World star system. They have an important and dangerous mission: gather the seven half-Walker females. This group of kick-butt girls are the one chance to defeat the Seventine and save the worlds.

First World - Book 1
Spurn - Book 2
Crais - Book 3

My Opinion

I have to confess- I did not want to read this series. Seriously, I did not want to read this series. I read Dragon Marked by this author and LOVED it. PUFFY HEART loved it, as in my favorite read of 2015 so far loved it, and thought for sure that there was no way that her first series would be as good as her second. So, I put it off, read other series, re-read Dragon Marked, stalked her twitter account for Dragon Mystics teasers. First World ended up being free on Amazon and I thought why not- I had nothing else to read. Opening it I knew just knew it was a big mistake- I ended up reading all of the released books for this series in a four day period. The Hubby thought I was crazy and now I am compulsively checking on a release date for the last book in the series.

As with other bundles I will of course give a brief review of each of the books.

First World-

Abby and Lucy grew up together on a compound in New York City- a different New York City than we know. This one is war-torn and pretty horrible. On they day that they leave the compound they discover that Abby is not from Earth but instead from a planet known as the First World. A mysterious gem helps them create a portal to take them to Abby’s home planet. As she meets her family Lucy is taken and she will do anything to get her back.

Abby is one of those kick-butt heroines who does not have the time to whine, cry, or well be a witch. I love her relationship with Lucy. They have been best friends since they were three (that is 15 years for anyone counting). In that time, they have been through a lot. They have only ever had each other. Their banter and mannerism with each other reminds me of my bestie and me. They are adorable, even when they are rolling their eyes at each other. They are loyal to each other above all else and I like that. I like that they are not afraid to say are you sure about this when things come up. They are able to depend on each other and that is rare. The Chuck Norris references may have also made me giggle a lot.

There are some swoony moments in this one with a certain mysterious guy name Brace. Abby has dreamed about her for years, but doesn’t meet him until she goes to her home planet. He is protective of Abby but not overbearing. He seems to honestly want to help her.


Abby, Brace, Lucas, Sam and Lucy go to the planet Spurn- the first stop on Abby’s mission to unite the half walkers. Spurn is a planet made mainly of water- the inhabitants at time remind me of Little Mermaid. The half-Walker from this planet is named Talina- her mother is disgusted with her. Everyone on this planet treats her pretty much like crap. Everyone that is but her brother, Raror and Ladre the leader of the Baroon clan. There is trouble on Spurn and Talina cannot leave until it settled. It will be up to Abby and the gang to help her. Once that danger is over, they are faced with challenges from other Walkers for the half-Walkers. Brace’s protective nature towards Abby is explained here, which we could have guessed.

Talina is a nice addition to this story in that she balances out Abby’s impulsive reactions with logical thoughts and concern for others. Abby’s first concern is always the immediate threat, Talina sees beyond it. Talina grows in this book, so much so that in the end you can’t help but smile at the differences between the before Abby Talina and the after Abby Talina.

Holy Swoon feast batman! Brace steps up his game in this one. The interactions between him and Abby are priceless. Just as the interactions between Lucy and well anyone is pretty awesome. For a sidekick Lucy rocks! So much so that I kinda wish she would get her own book. Abby and Lucy together are just plain fun, even if say they are in prison. I like how synched to each other they are.

The ending here is a cliffhanger, one that I don’t think I could have handled if the third book hadn’t already been released. Yeah it is that much of a game changer. It made my heart break for Abby. I felt like the gal already has enough on her plate with trying to find the other half-walkers, learning her powers and having to save the universe. The betrayal of the person that does the action (sorry no spoilers) is less shocking, as I always wanted to give the person a side-eye. So with the cliffhanger, I had to immediately start the third book. I promise you will too.


Brace is gone, hopefully Abby can get him back. She still has a mission, to gather the other half- Walkers. Abby, Lucy, Talina and Lucas go to Crais- a planet with two suns where the people must had within the caves to survive. Stepping outside will kill you in a matter of minutes. Abby will find the half-Walker Fury and her mate Dune. While there is internal fighting on their planet they cannot stick around she is wanted back on First World. Fury and Talina are polar opposites, which makes sense since Talina has control over water and Fury over fire. Fury is a spitball of fire- she is bitter and well mean. I don’t really like her to begin with. She does tend to grow on you though.

The Seventine give Abby a way to get Brace back. Taking it means that another one of the Seventine is released. With the first Seventine having access to their melding bond, it is harder and harder for Abby to resist the deal they want to make. Josian and Abby decide that the other Walker clans need to be brought in to help fight the Seventine. This means though that the halfs will be put on display for all the Walkers to see. The arrival of Brace’s best friend Colton adds an extra layer of comic relief, his interactions with Lucy being especially funny. Those two are either going to hook up or kill each other. Shoot to be honest they may do both.

Crais is really one crisis after another. It really is a fast-paced, action-packed adventure from start to finish. There will be several things revealed, all the while the secrets between everyone keeps adding up. I cannot express how truly awesome this series is. Each book keeps getting better and better.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote 

"Damn, I'm unfit.  I need to start jogging, if this running-for-our-lives thing continues." First World
"I can't ignore your distress.  It makes me want to slay dragons and kill spiders." Spurn
"Curiosity is a gift, and its rewards are knowledge." Crais

Other People

Lucy- Abby’s best friend
Quarn- Abby’s protector
Josian- Abby’s Walker Daddy
Lallielle- Abby’s momma
Colton- Brace’s best friend
Magenta- Colton’s twin sister

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