Monday, August 10, 2015

Review: Blackmailed by the Hero

Author Julie Particka
Format e-ARC
Print Length ?
Publisher Entangled Brazen
Published August 11, 2015

The wrong bed. The wrong guy.

Party planner Vicky Stone is on a post-divorce mission. Not only does she intend to land her dream promotion, she's going to indulge in a night of hot hook-up sex. Preferably with the hunky actor she just met at a work function, no-fraternization rules be damned. Fortunately, his drunken directions included a right that should have been a left, landing her in bed with her brother's extra-hot, extra-off-limits best friend instead of the unemployment line.

And, oh, he feels good. Too good.

Bad boy Dante Palladino's forbidden fantasies are about to come true...until Vicky realizes who she's feeling up. And to find out she risked her job for sex with some loser? Not on his watch. Dante throws down the ultimate, albeit self-serving, blackmail. Vicky will date him-and only him-and her secret will be safe. But Vicky swore never to fall for another guy who could break her heart...and Dante's on course to do just that.

My Opinion

Holy Hotness! Blackmailed by the Hero is one smoking hot book. Never before has a wrong turned lead to such a perfect ending.

About two years ago, Vicky’s life got turned upside down- her husband wanted out. Instead of wailing in self-pity Vicky put her big gal pants on and decided to make something of herself. Sure, she could just depend on her actor brother to support her but now that she was alone she decided that she had to take care of herself. So she got an apartment and a job- she has a plan on how to get promoted within the next five years. She doesn’t mind the grunt work she is doing right now because well to be honest she feel s like she has to pay her dues. Her job has one rule no fraternizing with the party goers.

Vicky promises her bestie that she will have a one night stand within the next three months. She has been on a dry spell since her divorce and Jane is worried about her. When one hot actor hits on her, she decides why not. Too bad she ends up in another actor’s room, Dante- who just happens to be the same guy that she was enchanted with five years ago. Her brother’s best friend, who told her to stay away from him. Once Dante realizes who Vicky was trying to see, he is determined to save her from that mistake. The actor was bad-news bears.

Vicky is a determined and focused lady, I like that. She is trying hard to guard her heart and her head. I think at times she over guards herself but who wouldn’t after a devastating divorce. Her ex-hubby is a douchbag and she doesn’t want to end up with another one. She is strong even though she views herself as weak. There is a point in the story where I wanted to scream at her for being silly but I can understand where she is coming from.

Dante is one amazing guy. He really is trying to look out for Vicky. He is concerned for her, and is fearful of what would happen due to the other actor being a jerk. He tries to protect her but at times I felt that he was playing fast and furious with her job. He knows he can’t date Vicky because of the rules with her employer yet he tries anyway. Sometimes being the hero means to step away from the situation for a bit, and he needs to learn that.

I enjoyed Blackmailed by the Hero. The determination of Vicky to pull herself after her divorces is spectacular. The need of Dante to protect her is adorable. The scenes where they are together are smoking hot. I will never be able to go to the Opera again, without thinking of this book. If you are looking for a sexy love story this is the book for you.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “She doesn’t want you to rescue her. That doesn’t mean you can’t fix whatever the hell happened.”

Other People

Reed Russell- jerk actor, hate him
Jane- Vicky’s bestie, love her
Ethan- Vicky’s brother, Dante’s best friend

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  1. Gotta love the Brazen line. This one looks yummy. I find it interesting that she ends up in the wrong room. Always fun there.