Thursday, November 12, 2020

Review: Touch of Evil

Author Cecy Robson
Format e-ARC 
Print Length 209 pages 
Publisher self
Published Oct. 13,2020 

The award-winning Weird Girls urban fantasy romance series continues to blow away modern fantasy and adventure fans with heart-stopping action and romance. Centered around four unique and powerful sisters, it’s time for Emme Wird, the youngest sister, to step into the supernatural spotlight.

Emme Wird, the healer and powerful telekinetic in the Wird family, hasn’t had the best of luck with males. While her sisters have found their mates and forever loves, Emme has found males that are better left as lost. Is a decent meal with polite conversation too much to ask for? Yes, it is.

When a pack member that Emme has dinner with is discovered dead and dismembered, it is up to Emme and her werewolf friend, Bren, to solve the murder. But spine-tingling danger and touches with evil have ways of bringing close friends closer.

Could the male that Emme searches for be right in front of her? Or will evil snatch him away from her, just as it did once before? 

My Opinion 

Finally!!! It is Emme’s turn to shine and boy does she in a big way. The youngest of the Wird sisters, the only one without a mate, Emme had been pushed to the background long enough. She is the gentle sister, the presumed meek one, the one with a power that many view as a weakness. While she is the heart of the Weird sisters, many mistake that for her being the weakest link. Home girl is not playing in this book though- those thinking she is weak have another thing coming. Emme knows how others see her, in the pack and outside of the pack. In this tenth Weird Sisters novel, she shows just how kick-butt a compassionate hospice nurse can be. 

I have always known that Emme was a force to be reckoned with. This book shows just how fierce, feisty and strong-willed she can be when she needs to be. She is vulnerable, she is hopeful, she is well just amazing. So vastly different from both of her older sisters that her voice sounds completely different. I think that is what I adore about this series. Regardless of who’s story is at the time, the voice is distinctly individually theirs. Emme’s comes off as soft with an iron steel will. 

Finally!! Bren, who has been dancing around Emme in the background for a few books now. Always viewing her as too young, he kept his distance until he couldn’t no more. Finding out about his past and why he is the way he is makes way more sense now. I love that we get more of his back story. His voice is powerful, witty and yet humorous. He soon realizes his place in the new pack, and he is quite frankly shocked by it. Which is fun, yet confusing because he did not realize just how up on the ranking he actually ranked. Watching him come to terms with his feelings for Emme was so amusing that you couldn’t help but laugh at him a few times. He really underestimates his worthiness of both pack leadership and Emme. 

A murder has happened and Emme was the last person to be seen with the victim. Bren is in charge of figuring out what happened. The big baddie is well different to say the least. 

I have looked forward to this book for literally years, ever since the Liam and Emme break up. It does not end on a cliffhanger but it was heartbreaking nonetheless. I hope that the next book fixes this as I am not sure how much more heartbreak Emme can endure. I kinda hope that Taran shows up and kicks Bren’s booty. 

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Cecy Robson via Caffeinated PR with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own. 

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote I think I killed her with my hotness. Damn my sexiness to hell. 

Other People 

Farrah- lesser witch 
Merche- lesser witch 
Dan- Bren’s bestie