About Me

I am a high school teacher in the Deep South.  If you read one of my post and see the word y’all, well y’all know now why.  It is not due to a lack of intellect but instead due to cultural diffusion.  I have a fabulous husband and two very young (a two year old and a one year old) daughters.  They rock awesome sauce.

I am new to twitter and have no clue what I am doing.  I may not start up conversations but I will participate in them.  So if you find me, give me a shout out- promise to respond.

As for what types of YA books I read, well pretty much all.  I prefer those with aspects of the paranormal mixed in with a little romance.  There are a lot of different genres that catch my fancy, depending on what I am looking for.


  1. Totally following what you read and by the way....totally miss you!

  2. Your special genre is important for the teens. You can certainly have a positive influence on their development in the 'right ' manner...I applaud your efforts and do keep going...Doris

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