Saturday, June 3, 2023

Review: A Sky Like Blood: A Fantasy Romance (Kingdom of Betrayal Book 1)

 Review: A Sky Like Blood: A Fantasy Romance (Kingdom of Betrayal Book 1) 

Author Everly Frost

Format e-ARC

Print Length 354 pages

Publisher Ever Realm Books

Published June 2, 2023

I belong to the Vandawolf.
My heart and my power are his to control.

I am a Blacksmith, a wielder of the arcane magic that once scorched our land and brought blood-storms to our skies. Now, I live at the mercy of the Vandawolf, the dark king whose power forced the Blacksmiths to their knees.

But the price for my life is high.
When his enemies scheme against him, I cut them down.
And when the storms rage, I'm sent to fight the monsters that rise from our damaged land.

To fail is to betray the Vandawolf, and my family will pay the price.

Then a breathtakingly beautiful man steps from the blood-rain, and I'm faced with a terrible choice.

Do I end him or save him?

Is he a man or a beast?

Betrayal is only a step away.

Content information: A Sky Like Blood is fantasy romance, enemies to lovers, the first in the Kingdom of Betrayal series. Recommended reading age is 17+ for sex scenes, mature themes, violence, and language. Ends on a cliffhanger.

My Opinion

First book in a fantastical series! Since it is the first book there is some world building going on.  This is of course weaved into the story so well that you do not even realize that the author is building a whole knew world until the book is over. 

We meet Vandawolf fairly early on in the story, he is the main male character. The Blacksmith Malak had tried to do magical genetic modifications and instead created the Vandawolf- half man, half wolf. As ruler of the kingdom, you would expect the subjects to love and revere him. After all he did free them of the tyrannical Blacksmiths that ruled over them.  The genetic modifications, however, make his subjects afraid and wry of him. He does all that he can to hold the kingdom together and to fight the monsters that come their way.

Asha is the last Blacksmith in the kingdom, she is also a prisoner of war. A sword really for the king, against the monsters that arrive.  The people do not understand her role in keeping them safe though, and she is very much hated. Her siblings powers were stolen from them and so they are not considered Blacksmiths anymore. They are still pretty much hated by the rest of the villagers. Not as much as Asha though. Asha would do anything to protect them, even if it means that she has no say in her life whatsoever.

I love these two characters! Their relationship and chemistry are off the charts! The banter between them even when they do not realize they are bantering is a thing of beauty.

An enemy is coming, and one is already among them. Will Asha be enough to fight them or will she falter? Will she betray the Vandawolf or will it be someone else? Don’t look to me for the answers-read the book! I cannot recommend it enough!


My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “Love is more powerful than fear and hate combined.

Other People 

Braddock- A guard who I won’t mind Asha hurting

Rachel- Asha’s guard

Gallium- Asha’s baby brother

Tamara- Asha’s baby sister

Thaden Kane- hybrid human/ dragon