Monday, August 31, 2015

Review: Two Minutes

Author Dannik Dark
Format e-book
Print Length 317 pages
Publisher self-published
Published August 16 2015

After years of living abroad, Maizy returns home to the only family she's ever known--a pack of wolves. When she confronts her childhood watchdog to see where they stand, his resentment leaves her uncertain about where she really belongs.

Behind Denver's charming smile is a tragic past--one that's made his wolf savage and unpredictable. Only Maizy has been able to tame that darkness, and when they're reunited after many years apart, he no longer sees a child he once protected. She's captivating and intelligent--a woman with the world at her fingertips and two suitors offering more than he ever could.

Torn between two worlds, Maizy must choose how her fairy tale ends. Tragedy, murder, passion, and imprisonment all collide with a heart-stopping twist.

"You must decide how your fairy tale will end, little one. With a love that could be fleeting and hurt you in the end, or with a man who will give you your heart’s desire."

Destiny will find you.

My Opinion

For some reason this is my least favorite of all of the books in the series. I think it is has a lot to do with the two main characters taking so long to figure out that they love each other. Plus, figuring out that that love is worth it.

Maizy throughout this series has been a regular. First as a little gal with Denny as her watchdog. Umm…. a watchdog does just that, watches over the kid. Maizy is all grown up and no longer needs a watchdog. A wolf of another type may be what she does need or maybe something else that goes bump in the night. Only time will tell.

Denny who is my favorite shifter in this series seriously needed to be slapped a few times y’all. Then hauled down to the local pool hall to shoot a few rounds before she slapped some more sense into him. Enough with the selfless act man! Man up- tell the gal how you really feel and get your love on track. I get that in the past you were hurt- lots of people get hurt by love. It is worth it in the end.

Maizy for her part is just trying to fgure out what is going on. She thinks she has a clue and then something else gets thrown into the equation. If Denny didn’t remind her of a popular song about running Hot and Cold, I don’t know who else would.

I liked Two Minutes. It was a fun book, but I guess I went into it wanting more, needing more, hoping for more and getting just enough. Sort of like wanting some cherry coke and getting vanilla- still good just not what you were hoping for.

My Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “Because I’m a man, and we fail miserably at romance.”

Other People

Austin- Alpha of the pack
Lexi- Austin’s mate, Maizy’s sister
Prince- competition for Maizy’s heart

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  1. It's too bad it's your least fav. Seems like you still enjoyed it.