Friday, August 28, 2015

Review: Waiting for Ethan

Author Diane Barnes
Format e-ARC
Print Length ?
Publisher Lyrical Shine
Published September 15, 2015

When Gina Rossi was in junior high, her best friend’s psychic grandmother got everything right—from predicting that Gina would break her arm and travel to Italy, all the way to leading police to a missing neighborhood child. The one time Gina didn’t listen to her, she almost got herself killed. So when she says that Gina will marry a man named Ethan—but she will have to wait for him—Gina believes her, and waits…

Now thirty-six, Gina’s Mr. Right is nowhere in sight—until the day she’s stranded in a snowstorm, and rescued by the last type of Ethan she expected. It’s very romantic, yet surprisingly not. This Ethan is sexy, and clearly her hero. Still, instead of her “Aha” moment, Gina’s confused. And when Ethan is happy to discover she’s single, does Gina dare tell him, It’s because I've been waiting for you? But the bigger question is, does she dare question destiny—by taking it into her own hands? And is she brave enough to handle what happens once it’s time to stop waiting—and start living?

My Opinion

Cute, adorable read!

Waiting on Ethan is an enjoyable tale about a gal who has so much faith in her best friends Granny ability to predict the future that she waits a long time for her future husband to come along. Why not when all of her other predictions have occurred just like she said they would. The problem is waiting until she was 25 was okay….even when 30 passed her bye she was good. Now, that she is 36 she can literally hear her biological clock ticking. Goodness, is he ever going to come along. Everyone thinks she is silly for waiting for an imaginary guy.

Finally, in a moment where she needs a knight in shining armor to come along- a guy in a pick-up truck shows up. He rescues her from the snowstorm and delivers her home. Come to find out his name is Ethan. Is he the Ethan that she is suppose to be with? Or could there be someone else?

I loved Gina. She tries and is not perfect. She thinks that this is the guy that she has been waiting for her whole life. She wants it to be him, so badly. Doubt does set in though- what if she is wrong? I think we have all been there- with a partner who we want it to work out with. We try to make it work but something is missing. Do we throw in the towel or keep going? Ethan is going through some stuff. I don’t like him at all. This was Gina’s life plan- find Ethan, marry him, have babies and live happily ever after. Can she throw away the plan? Does any of us ever want to throw away the plan?

Waiting on Ethan is a book that will make you want to laugh with Gina, scream at Gina, cuss at Ethan and cheer on her friends. It may have you cheering on a guy that could be in the picture if Gina would just let him. It is one of those fast reads where when you get to the end of the book look up and say holy cow! I read that in one sitting!

My Rating 4 stars out of 5

Favorite Quote “Marriage is something I intend to do just once.”

Other People

Luci- work bestie
Jack- Ethan’s bestie, seems like an okay guy
Neesha- childhood bestie
Cooper- colleague

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