Monday, March 21, 2016

Review: Magic Nights

Author Ella Summers
Format e-book
Print Length 264 pages
Publisher self
Published Jan. 6, 2016

After surviving the trials of the Magic Games, mercenary mage Sera Dering is back home in San Francisco. She wants nothing more than to relax and finally have a long-overdue date with dragon shifter Kai.

Unfortunately, the universe has other plans.

When a young boy is kidnapped by vampires, Sera’s friend Naomi enlists her help to save him. And sometime between fighting monsters, thwarting pirates, and convincing a grumpy ghost to help them, Sera is determined to finish her date.

Magic Nights is the third book in the Dragon Born Serafina urban fantasy series.

This Extended Edition novel is over 2.5x longer than the original.

For more Dragon Born fantasy, check out the adventures of Sera's sister Alex in the Dragon Born Alexandria series! The Dragon Born Alexandria and Dragon Born Serafina sister series can be read together or independently.

My Opinion

A boy is kidnapped, so Naomi and Sera go looking for him. Their investigation takes them back to Naomi’s hometown, Fairy Island. An island actually, one that acts as a sanctuary. Naomi’s momma is still in pain from losing her mate, vowing to live in peace. When Naomi’s little sisters, Ivy and Ruby, go missing some violence may be what the doctor ordered. Sera and Naomi are more than happy to dish it out.

Sera is going through a lot emotionally now. She has made it through the test, yet it took a lot out of her. She is stressed about Kai’s reaction when he finds out what she is, if he finds out. That plus her first true date with Kai keeps getting interrupted. What is a gal to do?

Kai knows something is up with Sera- he may even know what it is. Yet, he is patient. For a wizard who can shift into a dragon patient is not his forte. I pretty much adore everything about him. How protective he is of Sera, accepting he is of the unknown, alpha he is in the face of danger. Yeah, he can tickle my toes.

Strangely enough, I felt like this book was more about Naomi and her family than I did about Sera and Kai. Yeah, they are the main characters yet- Naomi kept shining throughout the story. She is tough, she is gentle, she fierce, she is sweet. Most of all she is loyal friend, who loves Sera and wants to see her happy.

I enjoyed Magic Nights, although I felt that the focus was not so much on the main characters. As the series goes on the writing gets better, the characters grow. Best of all, the story is entertaining.

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote He had the constitution of a mountain and the willpower of a rock climber.

Other People

Naomi- Sera’s partner
Celeste- Naomi’s momma
Cloud- Celeste keeps trying to set up Naomi with


  1. Despite the book focusing on the secondary characters, glad you enjoyed this one. Sounds like Naomi was a wonderful character to read about. Lovely review

  2. I really miss reading these types of books and I'm thinking I should pick this one up even though you had a few problems with it. =) Great review!