Saturday, July 26, 2014

Book Boyfriend (28) Lord Maccon

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He does not share his gal's sense of humor, which is a good thing.

She laughed. "My lord, you could not possibly think I have set my cap for you?"

"And why is that such a laughable idea?"

Alexia's eyes sparkled in merriment. "I am a spinster, long on the shelf, and you are a catch of the first water. The very notion."

Lord Maccon marched out the door, dragging her behind him "Don't ken why you should find it so devilish funny," he muttered under his breath.

He knows how to keep his gal quiet.

The earl grabbed Miss Tarabotti's chin with one big hand and the small of her back with the other, pulling her toward him hard. He slanted his mouth over hers almost violently. She jerked back. "What are you...?"

"Only way to keep you quiet," he grumbled, taking her chin in a firmer grip and planting his mouth atop hers once more.

He will protect her even from her own momma.

Lord Maccon, faster than anyone's eye could catch, suddenly appeared next to Mrs. Loontwill, a steel grip about her wrist. "I would not do that again, if I were you, madam," he said. His voice was soft and low and his expression bland. But there was a kind of anger in the air that was all predator: could, impartial, and deadly. The anger that wanted to bite and had the teeth to back it up. This was a side of Lord Maccon that no one had seen before- not even Miss Tarabotti.

Lord Maccon and Alexia have an interesting relationship- one that starts off with a hedgehog.  He tries to court her like a werewolf, which doesn't go over every well.  It does make for an entertaining tale though.


  1. +JMJ+

    Sometimes I think that I, too, would rather be protected from my mother than from deadly creatures! ;-)