Saturday, July 5, 2014

Book Boyfriend (25) Keller

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His unwavering faith in his gal.

"You will show them," he said. The intensity in his eyes made me keep looking at him. "I know you will." I stared at him.

Paranormal Public

He is not afraid to show he cares.

"How dare you?" he breathed into my ear, so that only I could hear. "Don't you know I would be lost if something happened to you?"

Elemental Shining

Without a word Keller bent down, scooped me up in his arms as if I weighed as much as a kitten, and kissed me. I was so shocked that at first I forgot to kiss him back.

Elemental Shining

He only has one weakness.

"They kidnapped me to draw you in," he explained finally. "I wasn't the target you were. Someone knew you would come looking for me. They knew you were my weakness. Everyone does."

Elemental Dawn

"The sweet smell on the wind, the warmth of the sun on your face, the spark in a friends eyes, those are me telling you I love you. I will always love you, and as long as you have those things I will never leave you."

Elemental Fire

"There's no way I can go through being away from her for that long again," said Keller.

Elemental Light

Keller is a different kind of book boyfriend for me. He is not particularly swoon worthy at times. But he is solid, like a rock. He gets mad at Charlotte, they fight and then he reminds her that fighting is okay.


  1. Oh. I don't know these book or this boy!

  2. I have yet to meet this boy of yours, but I plan to get well aquatinted with him!