Sunday, September 11, 2016

Review: The Witchling Seer

Author B. Kristin McMichael
Format e-book
Print Length 200 pages
Publisher Lexia Press, LLC
Published August 30, 2016

Cassie wasn’t happy when she got her first mate. Then she got a second mate. She’d give anything to have no mates; that is until she meets someone who once had the same fate as her. Instead of running from it, Cassie is told to embrace it and make her own choices. That is exactly what she plans to do, but how can she make choices when she never seems to have all the details? Something more is happening, and this time, the wendigo are not part of it. The peace Cassie brought between the two clans is very thin. She must work quickly to find a solution, but there always seem to be more questions than answers. 

My Opinion

The Witchling Seer picks up right where The Wendigo Witchling left off. Cassie has two mates and there is a fragile peace between the Witches and the Wendigo. Jared and Nate are trying hard not to fight, as that would upset Cassie. Whitney’s entire family is missing. The girls decided to go back to the seer from the first book to see if she could help Cassie with whatever is blocking her sight. Jared goes with them as Nate is forced to stay behind to help with the peace.

The seer was more cryptic this time than last, which was hard to do. However, she did help Cassie with her block which was interesting. Cassie also finds out what kind of night human her daddy was. Nate is able to catch up with them, and it was interesting to see him interact with all of the other royal nighthumans. Cassie also got to meet with Arianna, it was nice to see her, Andrew and Devin again.

After visiting the seer, the book picks up speed with Nate becoming Alpha. As Alpha, Nate has an added maturity. He becomes more of a strategist and continues to protect Cassie. This is a side of him that she hadn’t seen before. Cassie is still struggling with two mates- they both make it very hard not to fall for them. The ending is pretty shocking. Truly wasn’t expecting what occurred. 

This book is about Cassie’s journey into the nighthuman world. A lot of it focused on Whitney, hopefully setting up for her story next. With all that has happened to her in this book, the girl definitely has a story to tell.

Overall, an entertaining series. Book two was a bit on the annoying side, however this one makes up for that.

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote
Some things you can’t change, even if you want to.

Other People

Whitney- Cassie’s bestie, skinwalker
Jack- Cassie’s cousin, kinda evil
Owen- guy bestie

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