Friday, September 16, 2016

Review: Mixed Signals

Author Diane Barnes
Format e-ARC
Print Length 320 pages
Publisher Lyrical Shine
Published September 27, 2016

Getting dumped is never easy, but there’s a special bonus sting if your ex-fiancé is a producer for a popular morning radio show. Jillian Atwood’s breakup with Nico has become the hosts’ number-one topic. They’re even running a competition to find him a new girlfriend. The entire population of Boston, it seems, is tuning in with an opinion about who Nico should date next—and what Jillian should do to get over him.

Jillian’s co-worker, Ben, has his own ideas on that score. He hates seeing Jill depressed over a guy as unworthy as her ex. While he’s providing a friendly ear, he's also realizing how much more he’d like to offer. And if Jill could just get over the man who broke her heart, she might find the one who’s perfectly equipped to heal it... 

My Opinion

Newly engaged Jill is also newly dumped Jill only she doesn’t tell anyone hoping that is was just cold feet. That is until her Nico, the ex-fiancé, went on the radio and told everyone for her. To make matters worse, that radio show is hosting a contest to find Nico a new gal. Oh yeah… the host, Branigan rains down the hate for Jill every chance he gets. It really is harassment, and her ex-fiancé is okay with it.

After six years, and one beautiful diamond ring, Jill has earned the right to sulk. She has also earned to right to be mad, to scream, to pray that the break up isn’t true. That is until Nico goes on the radio and agrees to a contest for picking a new girlfriend, two weeks after he dumped her and moved out. After that I wanted to shake the gal, tell her to snap out of it and move on. I realize that the break-up rule is half the time that you are together to get over the dumper. However, there is a time where the dumping is so bad that you instantly hate the ex. This is one of those times for me. What the heck! Why in the world would she still consider going back to him? I wanted to get it. I really did but mainly I wanted to shake her. It great thing is I was able to be captured by the emotions of the break-up. This book brought on all the feels. I loved- loved -loved Rachel her bestie from childhood. She so does stuff that my bestie Lynsey would have done.

When she finally gets some spunk back into her step, Branigan the host of the radio show gets brutally ugly. I kept wondering why she didn’t get a lawyer and sue his behind. How she does get back at him is pretty funny yet wrong and since she is a nice gal… yeah guilt it is a witch.

For six years, Ben has watch Jill and Nico date, move in together and get engaged. Deeming it a lost cause, he dates around a lot. What he can’t help that he is hot. Plus, he has a rule about no office romances. Then came the break-up and Jill being miserable. He couldn’t help that his old feelings for her popping up again. Yet he knows she isn’t ready for anything more than friendship, being friend-zoned is no fun. I adored Ben, he is the voice of reason in the book. He is there for Jill every step of the way. Plus, he knows her- truly knows her. Any guy who can tell you want you order for lunch at several different restaurants has got to be paying attention. There is this other scene where, just trust me, if you didn’t love him in the beginning- you will fall in love with him then.

Mixed Signals brings with it a mixture of emotions. Laughter, sighs, a bit of anger and some compassion. It balances the emotions of a broken heart, humiliation, and new love like a trapeze artist. Overall, a pretty good contemporary romance with some awesome and evil side characters.

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “I am impressive.”

Other People

Mr. O’Brien- Landlord, neighbor, guardian angel at times
Rachel- Jill’s longtime bff
Renee- co-worker
Ellie- work bff

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