Sunday, June 28, 2015

Shadow Falls After Dark: Unspoken Teasers

The characters of Shadow Falls After Dark have been texting galore! What are they saying? Will it give us a hint about what will happen in Unspoken? I begged CC Hunter for a sneak peek into the lives of my favorite vamps and shape shifters.

Here are the texts that she teased me with. I am getting a little about being on Team Steve.  You got to hand it to him even in text he is a gentleman.  Please please Della forgive him...

One written by Steve to Della

I’m back at Shadow Falls. U can’t keep avoiding me. Sooner or later we need to talk. 

One written by Della to Steve

U were the one to leave me. So it will be later! 

One written by Chase to Della

I’m not lying to u. I’m here to help. Can’t u believe me? 

One written by Della to Chase

I’m not sure I’ll ever believe you again! 

One written by Chase to Steve

Della is mine. U need to respect that. 

One written by Steve to Chase

The only thing I need to respect is Della. And this is her choice!


  1. Oh fun. I love character texts! I need to read this series sometime.

  2. I love reading book quotes! Thanks for sharing!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape