Monday, June 29, 2015

Review: Spellbinder

Author C.C. Hunter
Format e-ARC
Print Length ?
Publisher St. Martin’s Griffin
Published June 30, 2015

When magic, romance and family secrets collide, the result is spellbinding!

Miranda Kane has always felt like a screw up–at least when it comes to her ability to wield magic. Her only sanctuary is Shadow Falls camp, where she’s learning to harness her powers as a witch. But thanks to her shapeshifter boyfriend who called it quits and ran off to Paris, both her heart and powers feel broken.

When she unexpectedly lands a top spot in a spell casting competition in France, she flies out with her best friends Kylie and Della. But her trip takes her straight into the heart of a dangerous supernatural mystery–and a heated romance. What Miranda doesn’t expect is for her investigation to unleash shocking revelations…about herself, her family, and her arch enemy. Now Miranda must step up and show everyone that she’s a witch to be reckoned with….before it’s too late.

My Opinion

Spellbinder will make you fall in love with both of the Shadow Falls series all over again! Oh my goodness! After this novella, Miranda needs her own book- seriously, like yesterday.

Miranda wins a competition- her momma kinda bribes her into winning. You see, if Miranda got first place she would be on her way to Paris (where a certain shape-shifter who broke her heart is). Not only would she be on her way to Paris, but so would her besties with momma footing the bill. The only problem, someone is killing off the competition- so her life is in danger. Miranda takes that in stride and does not worry too much about her life. She is more concerned with everyone else’s safety. Gotta love how Miranda’s awesome magical ability shows up when she needs it most, but not when she wants it too.

Because her life is in danger- Shawn a FRU agent who is also a childhood friend is assigned to protect her. He is too cute in this story- he really cares about Miranda. It is evident that he cares, yet he still gives her space because of her broken heart. I feel so bad for him, because he knows he is perfect for her.

Once it is known to Perry that Miranda is in Paris- he comes running to see her. He knows he screwed up and is willing to do anything to fix it. Not only that but man, once he finds out she is in danger- off the charts swoon worthy moments.

Miranda’s family has secrets- ones that involve her archenemy Tabitha. Miranda doesn’t even know why they are archenemies. Tabitha is an amazing witch just like Miranda and ends up in the same competition- but is she the killer or the next victim. When they both end up in mortal danger you will never guess who shows up to save the day!

Spellbinder serves as a great reminder that Miranda has stories to tell and CC Hunter should listen to her. What a great novella- it makes me want to beg CC Hunter to continue the story after Unspoken is released in October. This story truly is that amazing!

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “Why don’t you grow some fangs and admit you want to see him?”

Other People

Della- vampire bestie
Kylie- chameleon bestie
Tabitha- archenemy


  1. Love the review! Thanks.

    C. C. Hunter

  2. Why haven't I read this series?

  3. This sounds like such a wonderful series! I want to read it so badly after reading your various review on it. I love that there are sects, danger, swoon-worthy moments, and it sounds like Miranda needs a full length novel! Wonderful Review Angela :)