Saturday, December 27, 2014

Book Boyfriend (50) Lorenzo

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He is attuned with his spirit wolf.

You are the woman in my dreams. The one my spirit wolf has been calling for. If you give me the word that I can pursue you, then neither my body nor mind will desire another woman.

He has a way with words.

It was about the way you signed when you combed your fingers through your loose hair, and the hot look you flashed me. The one you hoped I wouldn't notice. I crave you. Your body, your wisdom, and the smile you rarely show.

He is protective.

I would die for that woman! Don not question my intent. Whatever actions I take are mine to decide.

Lorenzo is a player, always in the game. Ivy comes around and shakes up his whole world. She does not submit to him, which is unusual for an Alpha. He makes the perfect book boyfriend for someone who wants a hot male who is loyal, opinionated and strong-willed.


  1. Nice choice! I can't wait to meet Lorenzo.

  2. "loyal, opinionated and strong-willed" he sounds perfect!