Saturday, December 13, 2014

Book Boyfriend (48) Reid

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He is protective.

I had to make her understand.  I lowered my forehead to hers.  "I will never let anything happen to you.  Ever.  As long as I'm alive, I'll look out for you.  Do you understand?"

He finds nerdy cute.

He tipped his head forward and watched me through dark lashes, flashing a flirty half smile, and my stomach somersaulted. 


"Your shirt."

I looked down.  I was wearing one of my favorite tees.  SET PHASERS TO STUN was screen-printed across my chest.

Reid laughed.  "Well, you certainly stun.  You're the only person I know who ca make nerdy look so sexy."

He understands what it means to love someone.

"You've sacrificed so much," I said, watching the water lap around my shins.

"Well," he whispered, drawing me toward his side, "some things, some people are worth making sacrifices for."

Reid is an amazing book boyfriend.  He is protective, kind and yet challenges Josie all the same.  He pushes her to be the best and is in awe of all that she can do.