Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spotlight: Reborn: Steve's idea of a perfect date with Della

CC Hunter stopped by to tell us a little bit about Steve and Della's relationship.

With most girls I would say a perfect date would be a dinner out.  With Della, well, let’s just say that might not be the best idea, unless the restaurant serves Onion soup and side of O negative.  Honestly, though, while I’m not officially dating Della, I almost feel we’ve unofficially been doing just that.  A while back, before Della even knew I existed, I discovered the vamp didn’t sleep all that well.  At least several times a week, she goes out for runs at two or three in the morning.  And since then, I sort of developed a sleeping problem, too.  Just knowing she is out there alone in the middle of the night, running around in those tight little jogging shorts. It makes it really hard for a guy to sleep. So, almost every night I would shift into a bird, or raccoon and I’d wait outside her window, just to get a glimpse of her.  After we went on the mission, I got braver and showed myself.  At first she was pissed with me being there, but we started running together.  Sometimes we would just sit in middle of the woods and stare up the stars through the trees.  And after a while I started stealing a few kisses.  So in way, that’s my idea of a perfect date.  To be with her, alone, when she lowers her guard and lets me get a little closer.  

 Della and Steve get a little closer in Saved at Sunrise, already released. Read about their relationship in Reborn, released today May 20!

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