Saturday, May 24, 2014

Book Boyfriend (20) Asteran

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He accepts his destiny. 

“Lyra.” He brushed his fingers along my cheek, sending jolts of electricity through my whole body. “When I first touched you, we shared each other’s memories.” 

“Yes, I remember. I saw you surfing on Priavenus.” 

Asteran nodded. “That only happens when the person you are mean to be bonded with.” He moved closer to me, and the warm of this body met mine. 

He tries to protect her- from himself. 

“The more we share, the closer it brings us. Asteran warned, putting his finger on my lips. “the more painful it is to part.” 

“I don’t care.” I took his hand away and closed the distance between us. My lips met his, and tingly warmth spread through me all the way to my fingers and toes.

He understands Lyra’s importance in his life. 

His eyes widened, evolving from lavender to a deep, dark navy blue. “What? Really?” 

I nodded, so proud of him my chest could burst. “That means you’ve grown.” 

He touched his face than glanced at me. “All because of you.” 

Not my typical book boyfriend- but there is something about him that will draw you in. It could be to the comparison to Lyra’s life mate Tauren who is a complete jerk. Asteran is the calm to Lyra storm- they work well together.

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