Sunday, May 11, 2014

Spotlight: Reborn: Burnett’s thoughts on the case.

CC Hunter stops by to chat about our favorite male vampire, Burnett’s thoughts on the case.

In Reborn, Della is sort of coming into her own—finding herself and wanting to define herself as an FRU agent. There’s only one problem, a big, tall, dark and stubborn vampire named Burnett. Of course, Burnett agrees there’s a problem—a tiny dark-haired smart-mouthed vampire who happens to be half Asian. Della insists that Burnett treats her differently than he does the boys, like Lucas and Derek and Steve who occasionally works with the FRU. And she pretty darn sure it all stems from the fact that Burnett is a male chauvinist pig. He’s over protective of her just because she’s a girl. And she’s furious. How does having breasts mean she can’t do the job? Maybe even do a better job than the guys? And when Della accidentally catches the scent of a rogue vampire on a murdering spree, she makes it her mission—with or without Burnett’s permission, to catch the killer and get justice for the victims. 

Burnett gives Della and Steve their first case together in Saved at Sunrise, already released. He assigns Della and Chase to work together in Reborn, released on May 20.

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