Saturday, May 31, 2014

Book Boyfriend (21) Logan

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He hates making her cry!

“That’s my scary face,” I pouted. “It’s supposed to be terrifying.”

“No, your scary face is when you’re crying,” Logan said seriously, all hint of teasing gone. “Because it terrifies me that I made you cry.”

He helps Paige put her jewelry on.

Logan flicked his fingers towards my wrist. “The bracelet? You need help getting that on? You want to wear it now, right?”

He can fight demons yet his girlfriend’s daddy scares him.

“And if he scares you, just remember that my dad is wearing a free shirt for a frozen fish company, and he’s allergic to shellfish. This is the big scary man you’re dealing with.”

“I’m not trying to cook him a nice shrimp dinner. I’m trying to be respectful, so he doesn’t forbid you to be my girlfriend,” he mumbled, and I felt that twinge in my heart again, for the insecure, wounded side of Logan he hid so well.

Logan is an adorable demon hunter. It is cute watching him navigate through the maze that is a first relationship.