Saturday, May 3, 2014

Book Boyfriend (17) Steve

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He has a southern drawl.

"We could kiss and show them how it's done," a deep Southern voice said at her ear. A voice belong to a body that she hadn't heard approaching.

He is a sweetheart.

"I can't help it," he said. "Being with you makes me happy. I waited up half the night to see if you'd come to me. I'm glad I wasn't wasting my time."

"I didn't come to see you," she said. His words vibrated in her head. Being with you makes me happy. A warm pool of goo went straight to her heart.

He has the patience of a saint.

"Stop it," she seethed in a low voice.

"Stop what?" he asked.

"Treating me like a weakling."

"I'm just treating you like someone who cares. His whisper came right at her ear. "Call me when you get home." He ran a hand down her forearm. his touch sent a sharp twinge of emotion right to her chest.

He is not afraid to show his emotions.

Jenny shrugged. "Everyone knows Steve likes you. It's super obvious by the way he looks at you. Like everything about you is the most fascinating, amazing thing he's ever witnessed. I've seen him hear your voice across the room and he completely tunes everything else out and looks for you. It's so sweet."

Steve is an amazing book boyfriend.  He lacks the sarcasm and mean nature that is so often found in books these days.  He does make mistakes- but they are forgivable.  Best of all, even though he can transform into a dragon he does let Della take care of herself- unless he feels like he absolutely has to step in.