Saturday, May 17, 2014

Book Boyfriend (19) Tyler

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He is not afraid to lay it all on the table.

"See how you went and made things all awkward?" I accused, getting up from my swing and dusting off the back of my borrowed yoga pants.

Undeterred, Tyler fell into step beside me as we made our way toward the park entrance. "Awkward are not, you should know I'm glad you're back." He flashed me a shy smile as he added, "And now that I'm older, I'll try to be a little more memorable."

He's an artist.

Tyler had drawn a cobblestone pathway that stretched all the way from one side of our street to the other, bridging our two houses, practically from my front door to his. And running across the top of the pathway was a saying, written in beautiful, scrawling script. It said:

I'll remember you always.

He honestly cares about Kyra.

" So, how was it? Your first day back and all?"

The fact that he was here, standing outside my window and asking me how my day was, almost made me cry. No one else had bothered to ask how I was. He was the first person who wasn't pulling me at both ends, like I was a rope in a tug-of-war.

Kyra has been missing for five years- and a lot has changed.  Everything in fact except her- good thing that Tyler is around to keep her grounded and to remind her that she is loved.

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  1. Yep. Had me at artist! Don't know this one. Thanks for the intro.