Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review: Mystery Falls

Author: Marilyn Phillips

Format: e-book
Print Length: 345 pages
Publisher: self-published
Published: July 3, 2012 

Secrets. Lies. Deception. For the past six years, Samantha Hunt has lived with the belief that the untimely death of her parents was the result of an unfortunate accident—that by the cruel hand of fate, she had been left an orphan. But it was a lie, a terrible lie told to her by those who wanted to keep her in the dark. And the truth... when revealed, will change her life and haunt her forever.

Suddenly plagued by a series of events which find her in danger and in need of a savior, Samantha is repeatedly rescued by the mysterious and elusive Shadow—a stranger who seems to know more about her past and the tragedy which befell her family, than she does. Drawn to him despite the antagonism she feels whenever in his presence, Samantha soon discovers that Shadow is not what he appears to be. Determined to learn his true identity and why he has come to Mystery Falls, the small town in which she has spent all of her seventeen years, Samantha not only uncovers the secrets he refuses to share, but also the truth about her own past. A truth which forces her to acknowledge that things are not always as they seem, and sometimes, not even those close to you can be trusted. 

Resolved to seeking justice for the unwarranted death of her parents, Samantha embarks on a journey which brings her perilously close to her own demise. Can Shadow use his angel powers to save her yet again, or this time, will he be too late. 

My Opinion

Mystery Falls is a fabulous read that will keep you up all night. 

Sam lives with her uncle and cousin, she has ever since her parents died. Before her parents died her cousin was her best friend. Now, well she is kinda like an enemy and Sam doesn’t know why. Sam partly blames herself for their death- they were after all coming to get her. She will soon find out that what she has been told about that fateful night and the truth are two different things. Why was the investigation into their deaths stopped? Sam wants the truth and someone or something knows it. If the attacks on her are any sign, she needs to stop looking into the deaths of her parents. 

Then there is Shadow, who is there after every strange event. Shadow is always bailing her out. Why? And why is he so weird? He is interested in her when no one else is around but at school seems more content with her cousin. What game is he playing? Will Sam find the answers? 

Sam is an interesting character- she knows that looking into the deaths of her parents puts her in danger. But she keeps looking. She needs answers and this is the only way to find them. She doesn’t whine about her situation, there is no wooow is me. Instead she puts on her big girl panties and deals. 

It took me longer to like Shadow, because well he seems a little Shady- to me. He is interested in Sam but what is he doing with her cousin? This bothered me at first, until he explains himself. I mean come on seriously? And why does he keep popping up when Sam is in trouble? Is he the one putting her in trouble or does he truly care about her? 

I enjoyed this book, the pacing was great- the killer was not obvious at all. Sam and Shadow make a great team and I loved the ending. The only thing I would change is Shadow’s name- but that is because I had a black chow named Shadow so, it is more of a puppy name for me. I get where it comes from though and love the symbolism behind it. I hope that this becomes a series because I am sure there are more of Sam and Shadow's story to tell.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “You’re the one I want, the one I’m meant to be with, the one I can’t exist without.” 

Other People

Claire- Sam's cousin, she is the mean gal
Mia- Sam's bestie, continues to look out for her
Hunter and Celeste- Shadow's best friend and his mate

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  1. An awesome review Angela. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. They are greatly appreciated and I am so pleased you enjoyed the book. :D
    I get the puppy connection - sorry about that.

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog