Friday, January 4, 2019

Fandom Friday (1) Pride and Prejudice

Hey y’all, thanks so much for stopping by my FF! 

Fandom Friday is a weekly meme that highlights, various fandoms. Typically those that I am definitely a part of, sometimes those that I am not a part of but do feel strongly should have a fandom surrounding them.

Published in 1813 anonymously Pride and Prejudice has withstood the test of time and yet it almost didn’t. It took 16 years for Pride and Prejudice to be published, rejected repeatedly until Sense and Sensibility was a hit. Jane never put her name on any of her novels, instead publishing with “By a Lady”. 

Adapted into various movies, re-told by various authors it by far my favorite fandom. Having sold over 20 million copies it is safe to say I am not the only fan of this book. Often required reading in a senior English class at the high school level this is also a book that may have tortured many students. 

Why am I a fan?

There is a huge Pride and Prejudice fandom out there. How can there not be with so many different adaptations and re-tellings. 

Pride and Prejudice polls and quizzes one can take such as:

There are festivals that you can attend:

A bunch of merchandise you can buy such as:

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Pride and Prejudice Memes
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Pride and Prejudice Gifs


I am not a Janeites though- this is the one book of hers that I consider myself a fan of.  Yes, I do have a character fandom but that is on hold for another day!

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