Monday, July 15, 2019

Review: The Fallen Witch (The Coven: Academy Magic)

Author Chandelle LaVaun 
Format e-book 
Print Length 317 pages 
Publisher Wanderlost Publishing 
Published May 19, 2019 

Magic doesn’t lie. Witches do. 

Our Coven Leader is dead...and they think I killed him. I didn’t. I would never have hurt him. I tried everything I could to save him. 

But it’s their word against mine. 

And with his blood staining my hands and caked in my hair, I don’t know how I’m going to get them to believe me... 

Because the truth is far more unsettling..those shadow creatures knew exactly where and when to ambush us. Someone set us up to be slaughtered...and it wasn’t me. 

The scariest part is...that Ouija Board tried to warn me... 

My Opinion 

****There will be spoilers in this from The Hidden Witch, consider yourself warned!**** 

This one picks up right where The Hidden Witch ended, which is good cause that cliffhanger about destroyed me. Bettina has been accused of murder, Timothy, one of the leaders of the Coven has fallen. She is waiting in the dungeon until the Coven comes to determine her fate. Jackson is in disbelief, and shock-his father figure has been killed with the girl that has captured his heart as the one accused of the crime. He wants to believe her, but has he been swayed by a pretty face. With only Lennox to on her side things look to be hopeless- although we should remember that hope is not lost. 

The Coven shows up in a spectacular way! Tegan and Bettina’s scenes together remind me of what a best friend ship should look like. After the Bettina’s fate is decided they are off chasing answers to questions that are popping up left and right. Old friends are shown in a new light and the excitement of getting answers really does carry the book along. Only as soon as one question is answered another one pops up. The Old Lands are involved but how closely and to what extent. 

Bettina is a rock star in this one. All the emotions, all the feels, all the tears, sighs and even kisses are felt. She has been put through the ringer. Accused of murdered, the most hated gal on campus, The Coven coming to her defense, her magic being on lock down, her love interested so interested that he isn’t interested. What more can a gal go through? Apparently, there is more, and boy does it hurt a lot. 

Jackson grows more in this on than in the last book. He has too, his mentor is dead, his bestie is gone, and The Coven is all around. Michael is coming, apparently soon and he has to be ready. No more distractions, so he does what any guy would do and pushes Bettina away. There are going to be some folks that hate how hot/cold he runs with Bettina, I get it though. (Yes, I did sing a few lyrics of the song as I started typing.) The pressure his family has put on his is unfair, to fight/fix the wrath of an archangel and not just any archangel but Michael. The Coven wants to help him, the Crones want to help him, nothing he has done up to this point in his life has been for him but instead for his family curse instead. 

While a lot happens to Bettina in the story, there is definitely a Jackson take-over about half way through. I feel like there is a reason for this, and like Tegan it is on the tip of my tongue as to why but yeah… I am hoping it becomes clearer why in the next book that is released later this month. 

The last 25% of the book hit me right in the heart, tears in my eyes falling down my cheek. I felt Bettina’s anguish, her pain, her disbelief and her resolve. It broke me. Jackson’s confusion, his sorrow and distress added to my own worry. How is this going to be fixed? Can it be fixed? Grief over what was, could have been and is settled in. 

Then the ending! What an ending! How are they going to get out of this? 

This book was better than the first, which was already pretty epic. I am dying to know what happens next and if Michael comes sooner than we thought he would. I also want to know how King Arthur compares to Lancelot. 

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote If I couldn’t have my Lancelot, then why not give King Arthur a chance? 

Other People 

Lennox- Bettina’s roomie 
Tegan- The High Priestess, Bettina’s bestie 
Cooper- Tegan’s brother, The Star 
Gen- Sword, friend

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