Thursday, July 11, 2019

Review: Delayed Admission

Author Heather Renee 
Format e-ARC 
Print Length 255 pages 
Publisher self 
Published June 25, 2019 

She's being hunted and the only way to survive is to become the hunter.

To Raegan Keyes, she's the only one of her kind but has no idea what she is. Until one night, when she finds out her unexplainable abilities aren't the only thing she needs to worry about, and her world becomes much bigger than she ever could have dreamed.

When a mysterious man named Enzo arrives, too striking to be human, Raegan learns she's not as alone as she believed. As more secrets are revealed, she's swept off to an academy for others like her thousands of miles away from home by a complete stranger whom she'd rather stab than travel with.

As tension builds between Raegan and Enzo, she begins to find her purpose as she settles into her new existence. With a group of new friends, she's finally feeling alive again. That is until something sinister comes along, once more throwing her life into mayhem. 

My Opinion 

Raegan has had a rough time of it, her parents passing months ago, grieve is eating her up. So is survival guilt. Her Aunt Jules tries her best to help her through it, moving to Oregon and helping her to test out of high school. Something is off, she is gaining abilities she shouldn’t have and when she is attacked by something not so human, a guy with pointed ears steps up to save the day. Apparently Enzo is from Shadow Veil Academy and she is showing signs of being something other than human. What is up for debate as her magic is locked. 

Raegan is pretty stable, she going through the stages of grief. She acknowledges them and then keeps on rocking. She is taking everything pretty much is stride. She tries her best when it comes to the magic portion but she is not like the other students. (Saying why would be a total spoiler so #sorrynotsorry). She develops a great friendship with Gemma, a shifter who lives on her floor. 

Enzo is a full elf, and extremely powerful. As a mentor he is great, as a boyfriend not so much. He keeps too much hidden. Of course, he is good looking and there is some attraction there. I think the issue is that I wanted her to be with a full on alpha meal and he was more like the Beta. He just wasn’t enough for me, and with the ending how it is there is an opening for a better love interest to come into the picture such as I don’t know Embry maybe. 

This one has all the elements of a great series. The book starts off solid. The love interest, well that is where is fell short for me. I hated the love interest, he attempted to be all protective alpha male but something was off for me. I hope he does not continue to be the love interest in the next book. I would love for him to well fall off the face of the Earth, but I doubt that will happen. 

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote “You, on the other hand, could use some sparkle in your life.” 

Other People 

Gemma- new bestie 
Lyssa- Enzo’s ex, resident mean girl 
Stone- Headmaster, sorcerer 
Malina- big baddie 
Jules- aunt, guardian

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