Friday, July 19, 2019

Let's Discuss: Authors who are an Auto-buy

Authors who are an auto-buy, that is an author that you have typically read repeatedly. This has caused you to trust that the next book published would be right up your alley. Chances are I am going to love or strongly like their new book.  Entertaining as well as allowing me to escape from reality for a little bit. 

I have a few authors from different genres on my auto-buy list:

Urban Fantasy               Fantasy               Contemporary

Ilona Andrews                       Jennifer Estep            Avery Flynn
Nalini Singh                          Jeffe Kennedy            Kasie West

Paranormal Romance                    Multiple Categories

Changelle LaVaunn                                    Jennifer L Armentrout
Alicia Montgomery                                    Jaymin Eve
Shelly Laurenston                                      Kate SeRine
                                                                           Cecy Robson

Who is on your auto-buy list?  Do you have an auto-buy list?  What puts an author there?

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