Sunday, July 5, 2015

Shadow Falls After Dark: Unspoken Teasers

Now after the events of Spellbinder which released on Tuesday I just had to find out if Miranda was going to be okay in Unspoken. As one of Della's best friends she of course will be there for her favorite vamp. She just has a lot going on herself right now. A lot going on in the heart department for her, too. I honestly think for the first time ever, I have switched teams after Spellbinder.  No longer does Perry hold my heart- Shawn on the other hand....

How are these two gals going to keep it together with all these yummy guys after them? Of course, CC Hunter has a special message for all of her readers as well.

One written by Perry to Miranda

Can’t u understand? I broke up with u because I thought u deserved better.

One written by Miranda to Perry

Can’t u understand? I never thought I deserved better until you broke up with me.

One written by Shawn to Miranda

All I’m asking for is a chance? Go out with me once? Is that too much to ask?

One written by C.C. Hunter to her fans 

I can’t wait until u read Unspoken. There is so much going on.

Unspoken Releases on Oct. 27, 2015.