Monday, July 6, 2015

Review:Getting Lucky Number Seven

Author Cindi Madsen
Format e-book
Print Length ?
Publisher Entangled: Brazen
Published April 28, 2015

What's your lucky number?

Lyla Wilder is done being the shy, chemistry nerd extraordinaire. While every other college student is out having fun, Lyla is studying. With her cat. Well, she's played it "safe" quite enough, thank you. So she creates a "College Bucket List"―with item #7 being a night of uninhibited, mind-blowing sex...

But she needs some help from her man-whore best friend.

Hockey player Beck Davenport thought Lyla's transformation would be subtle. Man, was he wrong. With every item she ticks off, Beck finds himself growing seriously hot for his sweet, brainiac best friend. And if he's not careful, he'll end up risking their friendship in order to convince Lyla that he might just be her lucky #7...

My Opinion

Hockey player- sign me up

Chemistry gal- I can dig a nerd

Best Friends- oh my friends to lovers tale- my kinda story

Layla is a shy chemistry major that knows she is awkward around others. Beck is a popular hockey player who knows he is all kinds of awesome. They happen to be best friends. Quite by accidently, really- they met in chemistry class. Where she didn’t know who he was, he found that refreshing and a friendship was born. For Beck this friendship means everything, especially since most people are his friend based solely on his name. Lyla being the girl that she is makes a list of seven things that she wants to do before she graduates. She knows that it may be hard to accomplish this because of her awkwardness so she enlist Beck to help her. Beck agrees so that Lyla doesn’t get hurt.

The event that sparks Lyla’s list brought tears to my eyes- the way she handled it though made me smile. Her transformation was true to herself. She was logical throughout the book understanding each risk she took, even the ones involving Beck.

Beck is truly trying to be a good friend to Lyla. He tries to help her out but it gets harder and harder to see her with other guys. He doesn’t understand why. His discovery of his attraction to her is hilarious.

I loved, loved, loved this book. Puffy heart loved it. My heart broke for Lyla, then was sewn back together just to have it broken again for Beck. Oh the feels. If you are looking for a story that will make you laugh, cry and everything in between this is the one for you.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote No letting fear get the best of you. Remember, rapid changes take catalysts.

Other People

Aunt Tessa- Beck’s aunt, guardian of the estate
Megan- Beck’s little sister
Whitney- Lyla’s roomie and gal bestie


  1. So glad you loved this one. It's definitely my favorite from this author.

  2. I love a story with so many feels! I love Hockey Players (any athlete really :), friends to lovers trope, and that the heroine is a nerd. Layla sounds like a character that I would relate to, and Beck sounds downright yummy! Lovely Review Angela :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape