Saturday, November 29, 2014

Book Boyfriend (46) Rowan

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He has a sense of humor.

"I am a jealous boyfriend. You've just spent the last several minutes talking about some asshat who's making claims on my girl. What did you expect me to say? Did you think we would become besties, have sleepovers and braid each other's hair?"

~Fragile Reign

He is in touch with his feelings.

Why everything seemed better when Kalin was around. Why my fingers ached to touch her. Why her pain shattered me to the core. 

~Fragile Reign

He is there for her even when she doesn't want him to be.

I punched and kicked him with every bit of energy I had. He still held on to me.

"No," he repeated.

A lump swelled in my throat. "Please, just let me go." I said, still struggling to break away from him.

"I'll never let you go." Rowan whispered in my ear.

~Fragile Reign

Rowan pretty much rocks- sense of humor, hot (literally, he is a fire elemental) and of course smart. He would protect Kalin with his life, had repeatedly. Not only that but he is a king for crying out loud.


  1. I read The Shadow Prince and I still need to read the other two. I do love him. Good pick!

  2. Never heard of this series before. I really have a thing for fire elemental people, haha.