Saturday, November 8, 2014

Book Boyfriend (43) Logan

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He protects his girl, even when the enemy is flowers.

"You okay?" she asked, glaring at him. "Any harder and you're gong to rub your nose off."

"I'm allergic to flowers." He sneezed.

"Then leave."

"I can't."

"Then," she said, channeling her best Donald Trump with an arching brow, "you're fired. Now go home."

He smirked. "Cute, but you're not the one who hired me."

He understands the importance of ice cream.

"The men you've dated before had to be losers, because a real man would treat you right and cherish you the way you deserve. A real man would state at your side and feed you ice cream. In bed. Every night for the rest of your life."

He honestly is a sweetheart.

"It was the way he treated them, you see," Roxanne said, eyeing Logan. "Not the women, necessarily, but everyone involved. he would send money to the families where the loved one was lost on his watch. Like he owed them something, even though he had noting to do with the incident. How can you build a life with someone who gives away his savings to families that aren't yours?"

Logan may be an enforcer werewolf, but he has a heart of gold. Veronica just needs to get past the whole werewolf thing. It shouldn't be too hard, after all he is protecting her.

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