Saturday, November 15, 2014

Book Boyfriend (44) Lukas

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He wants to protect her.

"Protecting you isn't my job. It's my life. You're not an assignment, Jessie. You make me crazy, but at the same time, keep me anchored. You're my reason."

A Darker Past by Jus Accardo Kindle Location 2241

He knows what he wants, Jessie of course.

"I wanted someone who would challenge me." 
I couldn't stop my own grin. "What are you saying, Mr. Scott? That I'm difficult?"
"I'm saying that I was never interested in easy. You, Jessie Darker, are truly unique. You are stubborn, and strange, and brilliant. And yes, you are difficult, and I love that about you."

A Darker Past by Jus Accardo Kindle Location 737

He knows how to shut a girl up.

"Of course," I admitted. "Which was obviously ridiculous because, really, who other than me could possible put up with you? You're stuffy and old-fashioned, and-"
The rest of my sentence was cut off by Lukas's kiss. He pulled me close, winding his arms around my waist with a ferocity that sent a tingle down my spine and ignited an explosive fire in my stomach. 

A Darker Past by Jus Accardo Kindle Location 747

For a guy who use to be twinsies with Wrath you got to hand it to Lukas he, he has some smooth moves. What makes him even hotter, he was born over a century ago.


  1. Gotta love a guy who can shut a girl up with a kiss! This one looks interesting. Great pick.

  2. Great choice - I need to meet Lukas!