Friday, June 17, 2016

Review: Reckoning

Author Sonya Weiss
Format e-ARC
Print Length 251 pages
Publisher Lyrical Press
Published June 21, 2016

The Great Extinction, the prophesied war between the humans and the Supernaturals, has begun. 

Born a Supernatural, Juliet Sawyer has the ability to save the world from disaster. But after barely escaping the underground, power-sucking prison known as the Void, she finds herself on the brink of death and in the middle of a vengeful war. To survive, she’ll have to make a deal with her human captors. But the stakes are raised when she learns the government is holding her sister hostage. To rescue her, Juliet must become a weapon for humanity, fighting against her own kind—including Riley West, the boy she fell deeply in love with—and by whom she was abandoned.

Forced to desert Juliet, Riley is on a mission to capture the human’s president and bring her to the Supernatural’s king. But if he fails, there will be no stopping the Night of Grief, which will unleash horrors capable of destroying humans and Supernaturals alike. With battle lines drawn, amid a flurry of secrets and betrayals, can Juliet and Riley rescue their love as well as all life on Earth? Or will someone get caught in the crossfire?

My Opinion

I will be making vague statements as to not spoil the story. Reckoning picks up right where Revenge ends, and is told in dual point of view. Just when their relationship was finally showing signs of trust they get tossed into the Void by Riley’s half-brother. The Great Extinction has been prophesized, as well as Juliet saving both races. Ide taking over though has changed her destiny. The action that must be taken is something she cannot, will not do. 

In Revenge, both Riley and Juliet were strong characters. They were decision makers, individuals to look up to. In Reckoning, I couldn’t help but wonder what happen to them. Did love really make them this weak? Maybe it was that even though the story is told in dual points of view, we were seeing it in real time. Or maybe it was that their relationship had hit the honeymoon stage, where all they have time for is each other. Regardless for about half of the book, they both got on my nerves. Half of the angst could have been avoided if only they had talked to each other. Granted Juliet really couldn’t tell Riley about her destiny. He still could have avoided a lot of he had told her his plan.

Internally, their dialogues were always about how much they love the other person. Which would have been nice if peppered throughout the book instead of being the main portion of the book. Umm… a war is going on? Speaking of the war, Ide is one sick dude. We already knew he was messed up but seriously, after Riley witness the power of the Night of Grief, we had no clue. Then again, the humans were just as sick. What they were willing to do to win the war was heartbreaking. 

Juliet is strong on the outside. She gives off the perception of being calm, cool and collective. Internally throughout much of the book she is beating herself up. Riley, oh how I adored you and then wanted to punch you. I mean, you ask her to trust you, to listen to you. The reverse though is not given. 

Reckoning was an enjoyable book, in the end all of your questions are answered. Normally this would have been enough. Revenge was a great book- a hard one to follow. Now I am kinda feeling off. Kinda like when you go on a date and you want a steak but you get salad instead.

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote Hindsight is an ugly teacher and usually travels with I-told-you-so as the teacher’s pet.

Other People

Stone- Supernatural, protector of the mixed bloods
Maisy- Juliet’s sister
Rick Simmon- FBI agent, Friendly Alien Division
Mallen- guard who helped Riley as a child
Ide- Riley’s brother
Nixie- healer, childhood friend

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