Sunday, June 5, 2016

Review: The King Slayer

Author Virginia Boecker
Format e-ARC
Print Length 368 pages
Publisher Little, Brown Book for Young Readers
Published June 14, 2016

An action-packed and suspenseful sequel to The Witch Hunter, perfect for fans of Graceling and the Grisha Trilogy.

"I think, in time, you'll either be my greatest mistake or my greatest victory."

Former witch hunter Elizabeth Grey is hiding within the magically protected village of Harrow, evading the price put on her head by Lord Blackwell, the usurper king of Anglia. Their last encounter left Blackwell ruined, but his thirst 

for power grows stronger every day. He's readying for a war against those who would resist his rule--namely Elizabeth and the witches and wizards she now calls her allies.

Having lost her stigma, a magical source of protection and healing, Elizabeth's strength is tested both physically and emotionally. War always means sacrifice, and as the lines between good and evil blur once more, Elizabeth must decide just how far she'll go to save those she loves.

My Opinion

Thank you to Little, Brown Book for Young Readers and Netgalley for allowing me to review this novel. This in no way influenced my review.

The King Slayer picks up months after The Witch Hunter ended. Why months? 

**Spoiler alter for The Witch Hunter*** Elizabeth gave her stigma, the one that healed her and gave her strength, to John to save his life. This caused her healing process to slow to that of a regular human. No one but Nicholas, Peter, Fifer and Schuyler know what is going on. Blackwell cannot I repeat cannot find out. 

It took her literally months to heal from when she fought Blackwell. While she was healing, Blackwell was gaining power. He is also gathering an army of willing men and revenants. He wants Elizabeth back, why no one knows. He wants the Azoth back, for immortality. Mainly though he just wants power.

Elizabeth without her stigma is more vulnerable. Not just due to not having her strength or her healing ability. The stigma provided for her a sense of identity. Now she has none. She is no longer a witch hunter. This means she is going to have to train, she is going to have to regain her strength, she is going to have to trust those that she would rather not trust at all. She doesn’t regret giving up the stigma, but not knowing who you are is difficult for her. All she has left is her convictions. Some of which are is opposition with those that she loves. She is intelligent, she is tough. She does have one weakness though- her love for John.

Where The Witch Hunter was lacking in romance, The King Slayer makes up for it tenfold. I mean holy cowzier the swoony moments between John and Elizabeth are sigh…. John is still the sweet healer we knew and loved in The Witch Hunter. Months with the stigma though, is slowly changing him. As the book progresses, we notice these changes more and more. Sometimes change is not a good thing. In John the changes the stigma bring out are downright bad. The stigma was created with cruelty and dark magic, the very opposite of John. It takes some getting use to, this new John. 

The challenges that Elizabeth will face are going to be more difficult this time.  She will meet every challenge head on.  She is not afraid of death, for herself that is.  Her actions, although sometimes not the best, have good intentions yet she herself said "good intentions turn bad."  She will come face to face with her past- the former king Malcolm, the revenant Caleb, even John's ex.  How she handles each situation is well flawless and so Elizabeth.

What a fabulous ending for this duology. The King Slayer wraps up the story so well that you aren’t left with many questions. Instead it leaves you with a sigh of completion, a sense of happiness in a world where there was little to be happy about.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “It’s not enough to wait; it’s not enough to deny. Nor is it necessary to place blame, point finger, punish.”

Other People

Blackwell- King of Anglia
Nicholas- magic user
Fifer- Nicholas’ apprentice
Peter- John’s Dad
Schuyler- Fifer’s boyfriend,
Keagan- member of The Order

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