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You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag Round 2

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Last year IsThatChami and BeccaTheBookReviewer created the You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag. Beatrice at DreamlandBookBlog thought it was so much fun that she decided to do it again, but this time with her own scenarios! I liked it so much I thought it would be fun to do it here. 

1. I can hear the church bells ringing. Who will help you plan the wedding?

Catalina Baylor (Hidden Legacy) and Arabella Baylor (Hidden Legacy) they planned their sister, Nevada Baylor’s wedding with “Mad” Rogan in Diamond Fire. It was beautiful and they listened to the bride. That is always important. 

2. You’ve just booked a trip to Hobbiton in New Zealand! Who do you trust to water your plants while you’re gone?

Summer Thorne (Thorne Witches) her magic is earth magic who better to keep after my plants than a witch that will help them grow. 

3. You’re the casting director for a new production of The Phantom of the Opera. Who do you cast as the Phantom?

Dante (Dark Legacy) he is hiding something and I don’t know what it is. Really though any of the guys in this one could play the Phantom. 

4. It’s your first day of college! (exciting times!) Who turns out to be your new roommate?

Lucy (Walker Saga) she has some great one-liners that I know we would get a long. Or Taran Wird (Weird Girls) because she is just yeah... you need to meet her. 

5. Oh no! You’ve just been kidnapped! As they pull off your blindfold, a chair turns around in proper villain fashion. Who’s sitting there?

The de Vincent brothers, Lucian, Devlin and Gabe. They are known for being wicked. 

6. Daniel Craig has sipped his last Martini. Who’s the next 007?

Max MacKilligan (Honey Badger Chronicles) she already protects her sisters, why not go legit and protect the world? 

7. Which character is the Zelda/Peach to your Link/Mario?

Lady Everleigh to Lucas Sullivan (Crown of Shards )or Jessa Lebron to Braxton Compass (Supernatural Prison) 

I do think though that in the next Crown of Shards book, Lucas will be saved by Evie. I can’t remember a time that Braxton hasn’t been there for Jessa. 

8. The President decided he has had enough, who will replace him? 

Prince Merik (The Witchlands) he has been trained to rule a nation. 

9. ”Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished.” Who’s the avatar?

Lissa Dragomir (Vampire Academy) she did disappear for a while, and then game back when the Moroi needed her most. 

10. Both of your kidneys are screwed. Which character will give you one of theirs?

Emme Wird (Weird Girls) she is the sweetest of the sisters with healing magic. She hasn't gotten her own book yet but my fingers and toes are crossed because she so deserves one. 

11. Who’s America’s Next Top Model?

Roxy (Wait for You) she is spunky. 

12. You’ve had the same haircut for the last 10 years and it’s time to change it up. Who’s your hairdresser?

Carrigan O'Malley (The O'Malleys) she would make sure that the cut was low maintenance and that it doesn't take a lot of time.

13. You’re going on a 24 hour road trip. Who’s riding shotgun?

Vhalla Yarl (Air Awakens) all those books we could talk about! Or Astrid Jonasson (True Mates Generations) and her bestie DeeDee.

14. Who will be the next Disney princess?

Tandi (Wheel of Crowns) she has such a positive outlook on life, how could I not make her a Disney princess. 

15. You just snuffed it! (you really should have remembered to look both ways). Who shows up to reap your soul?


Nate Grim (Transplanted Tales) he is a reaper after all. Or Tod (Soul Screamers) because he is Tod.

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