Thursday, May 30, 2019

Review: The Werewolf Queen (Wheel of Crowns #1)

Author Brandi Elledge 
Format e-book 
Print Length 246 pages 
Publisher Aelurus Publishing 
Published Feb. 26, 2019 

I always wished I had supernatural powers. Now I wish I didn’t.

Sadie’s a dud, a failure–the only one in high school who doesn’thave any kind of supernatural powers. Her psychic bff, Jo, knows something about Sadie’s future, but just won’t tell. And what the heck is going on when one of her teachers starts looking at her while he’s going on about powerful lost keys, portals of madness, and destinies?

Then it all starts.

On her 18th birthday, Sadie starts to feel weird. And when werewolves, vampires, and demons all turn up to spoil her party, the weirdness really ramps up.

Leaving her best friend, her family, and the only town she’s ever known, Sadie must find safety. But while the king of the werewolves can offer her somewhere to hide while she’s learning about her new powers, he can’t stop his psycho witch fiancée from finding new ways to try and kill her. Of course, the murderous tendencies of this psycho witch only get worse when she realises the Werewolf King is, um… attracted to Sadie.

And all that’s before Sadie sets off to try and find one of the lost keys. Before she visits hell. Before she picks up a pet ogre.

And before she realizes just how powerful she can become.

But if it really is her destiny to collect one of the lost keys, will she be able control her newfound power and help save the world and all the people in it she loves? Or will she buckle under the pressure?

She’s about to find out. A mansion surrounded by demons and full of vampires and witches intent on her destruction awaits. Oh, and that psycho-witch fiancée of the Werewolf King. What could possibly go wrong? 

My Opinion 

Sadie grew up in a supernatural community without any powers, sure others around her have great powers like her bestie Jo (seer). She knew that Jo was hiding something from her, she just wasn’t sure what it was. Until her birthday when she went from having no powers to being powerful enough to attract attention from some heavy hitters. Hunted by the Demon king, she is on the run with Camden (werewolf king) and Stephen (vampire prince). They are tasked with finding one of the lost seven keys. As currently there are two supernatural factions hunting them Lux) the good guys and (Degenerates) the bad guys. What comes next is an interesting story that will capture your imagination from the first page until the last. 

Sadie grew up in the supernatural world. Although on the outskirts as she had no power. She still is not new to this world. That being said, once she gets powers, she tries to control them. She doesn’t fight her connection with Camden, she also doesn’t fight for it. Which was kinda disappointing. She just kinda accepts everything as it comes. She has such a blasé disposition that at times you want to shake her and ask if she is human. 

Camden has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. Having to take over and rule the werewolf kingdom after the death of his parents has been had. It has made him fear having a mate, so much so that he has agreed to a loveless marriage for the good of all mankind. His attraction to Sadie is something that he does not want or need. So of course he is going to fight it tooth and nail. Thanks to Camden’s seer Ariana he and eventually his mate will be blessed with special powers. Finally a guy who is the special snowflake. 

There is chemistry there but it does not run super hot or icy cold. It is what it is. They have fated mates that they don’t have to mate with? I wish the tension between these two was more. 

It looks like each book in this series will focus on a different couple, which is a lot fun. I am also kinda glad as this one ended with complete resolution for the couple. I wonder how the next one will find their key, and who they are. I pretty much just want to know how the endgame ends- do the Lu win or the Degenerates? 

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote In the meantime, I’ll be in the library killing time by laughing at all the numerous history mistakes. 

Other People 

Jo- Sadie’s bestie and a seer 
Lilly-Ann- fairie 
Stephen- vampire 
Jameson- Camden’s brother 
Celia- Camden’s finance 
Ariana- Camden’s seer,mentor

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