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Review: I’ll Always Love You (The Worthingtons 5.5)

Author Ella Quinn
Format e-ARC
Print Length 200 pages
Publisher Zebra
Published Nov. 28, 2018

When it comes to love, there’s never a dull moment in the Worthingtons’ extended family circle . . . 

Gerald, Earl Elliott, has finally decided to marry. Unfortunately, he seems only to fall for a lady once she is engaged to another. When his close friend, the Duke of Rothwell, asks him to look out for his sister, Lady Lucinda Hughlot, during her first London Season, Gerald is happy to oblige. After all, it will put him even more conveniently in the way of eligible ladies. Yet he’s completely oblivious to Lucinda’s growing attraction 
to him . . .

Lucinda is thrilled to finally be having her Season. Her mother would be thrilled as well except for the scandal the late duke caused before his death. To avoid gossip, the dowager duchess has decided an arranged match will cover her chaperoning duties. Lucinda, however, is far from pleased with her mother’s choice of the Marquis of Quorndon—especially with her heart set on Lord Elliott. There is only one solution: Lucinda will find a lady for Quorndon. Then she will convince Lord Elliott of their love—and together they will convince her mother. All it will require are good theatrical skills—and a very genuine kiss . . 

My Opinion

Thank you to Zebra and Netgalley for allowing me to review this novel. This in no way influenced my review.

Lord Rothwell has a little sister Lucinda. We met him in book three, It Started With a Kiss- he is the hero and Lady Louisa (Grace’s younger sister) is the heroine. Lady Lucinda has not had a season, her father’s scandal having embarrassed her momma too much to go through a season for her daughter. Rothwell and Louisa convince his mother to give his little sister a season as she is her guardian. To avoid the gossiping tongues of the ton, Lucinda’s momma arranges for her to be engaged to Marques of Quorndon. For a girl who’s brother made a love match, a cold heartless arranged marriage just won’t do. Especially since her brother has a lot of bachelor friends to choose from. Lucinda does agree to meet Quorndon to make her momma happy. When Rothwell overhears his momma’s plan from Quorndon himself, he goes on the defense enlisting his friends to look out for his little sister when he is not around. The Earl of Elliot is on the hunt for a wife, has been since last season but things are getting serious. His momma is trying to redecorate his house. So when Rothwell asks for help he of course says yes. He will be at all the events of the Season anyway, he is determined this time to find a wife.

Lucinda meets Quorndon and well let’s just say for a man, his momma sure does control a lot of his opinions. A love match this will not be; a good match either from what she tell. So to scheming she goes, how to get him off of the idea of marrying her. She meets Miss Arabella Marlowe at Almicks and introduces them to each other. Sparks and interest fly, so she arranges several outings as a group of friends. Gerald knowing that she is up to something and having agreed to watch out for Lucinda goes along as well.

Lucinda is a gal who is determined to control her own life and destiny. Rothwell, her brother is determined to help her. Her strength to stand up to her momma and her cunning ways to get Quorndon off of her scent makes her a fun character to read about. Gerald was a bit well dull. Yes, he is the protector but how can he not tell that they are meant to be? I must admit, it annoyed me a little that he did not notice his feelings for Lucinda right away.

I adore this series, so much so that I binge read it last year. When this novella came out, I reached my grubby hands for it and that was that. Instead of sitting in the reading chair trying hard to ignore life and become engrossed in a historical romance, I was able to put it down and go about life for days. There is very little standing in their way which I guess I wasn’t expecting. The other books in the series had more action, more intense scenes, and more chemistry. It is a good read, and I would recommend it if you are already invested in the series. 

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “I do not know which is more frustrating: knowing a gentleman loves you but does not want to face his mother, or not knowing if he loves you at all.”

Other People

Dowager Duchesses- Lucinda’s momma
Rothwell- Lucinda’s brother
Lady Arabella- Lucinda’s friend

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