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Review: Dragon Bound (Elder Races 1)

Author Theo Harrison 
Format e-book 
Print Length 312 pages 
Publisher Berkley Sensation 
Published May 3, 2011 

Half-human and half-Wyr, Pia Giovanni spent her life keeping a low profile among the Wyrkind and avoiding the continuing conflict between them and their Dark Fae enemies. But after being blackmailed into stealing a coin from the hoard of a dragon, Pia finds herself targeted by one of the most powerful—and passionate—of the Elder Races.

As the most feared and respected of the Wyrkind, Dragos Cuelebre cannot believe someone had the audacity to steal from him, much less succeed. And when he catches the thief, Dragos spares her life, claiming her as his own to further explore the desire they've ignited in each other.

Pia knows she must repay Dragos for her trespass, but refuses to become his slave—although she cannot deny wanting him, body and soul. 

My Opinion 

After an old boyfriend forces Pia to still from Dragos Cuelebre the leader of the Wyr’s she goes on the run. Hoping beyond hope that what she leaves behind will be enough to make him forgive her. Dragos is not the forgiving kind, and with the help of his sentinels tracks her down. Once he finds her, he unlocks a plot of create upheaval among all of the Elder Races. Of course, this plot puts Pia in danger and Dragos does what any dragon would do- protect his newfound treasure. 

Pia grew up knowing that one day she would be on the run. Her momma has prepared her for this, but nothing prepared her for the loneliness that she felt after her momma died. Even though she has protected her secrets up until now, she trusted the wrong person. That person used her, and she knew what she had to do. She had the strength and the foresight to protect herself from ever being used again. Pia is smart which will help her when things pop up. She pretty much knew that Dragos would come after her, but she ran anyway. When she was caught, she still faced him head on. 

Dragos is a complete well dragon. He is possessive, overbearing and strong. He is also compassionate (when it suits him) and cunning. He is extremely old and sometimes falls back to the old ways. Humans annoy him, which is pretty funny all things considered. I loved his connection to his sentinels- it made him seem softer somehow. Dragos knows all of his strengths and all of his faults so his self-awareness is off the charts. 

The chemistry between these two is burning hot. When Dragos goes all alpha male on her, she gives him sass right back. He respects her feelings enough to pull back on the caveman attitude when she needs him to. He does not even pretend to be a little human and so when he hurts Pia’s feelings he stares at her like what the what. It’s pretty funny. 

The world-building is what got me though. The different Elder Races, the human connection, the territories. With each level of interaction there are certain rules to abide by or else harsh consequences. Speaking of the Elder Races-there are a lot of them- Elves, Light Fae, Dark Fae, gryphons, harpies, vampires, goblins, a medusa, dragon, witches, a thunderbird and even djinns. Yeah pretty much a paranormal junkie’s wet dream especially if the next book in the series is about another one of the Races (hint it is). 

Thank goodness I found this series after several books have been released. That way as soon as I finished this one I was able to start the next one. I loved the secondary characters so much and cannot wait to see if they get their happily-ever-afters. 

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars 

Favorite Quote “You're mine," he said. "You can deny it, argue, throw fits, try to run away. But. You're. Still. Mine." 

Other People 

Tiago- Thunderbird Wry, sentinel 
Rune- Gryphon Wry, sentinel 
Tricks- Publics Relations for Dragos, fae

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  1. It's a great series. It only gets better and the novellas just add to the characters and world.
    Hope you enjoy!