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Review: The Tears of the Rose

Author Jeffe Kennedy
Format e-book
Print Length 352 pages
Publisher Kensington
Published Nov. 25, 2014

Three sisters. Motherless daughters of the high king. The eldest is the warrior-woman heir; the middle child is shy and full of witchy intuition; and the youngest, Princess Amelia, she is as beautiful as the sun and just as generous.

Ami met her Prince Charming and went away to his castle on the stormy sea-cliffs—and that should have been her happily ever after. Instead, her husband lies dead and a war rages. Her middle sister has been taken into a demon land, turned into a stranger. The priests and her father are revealing secrets and telling lies. And a power is rising in Ami, too, a power she hardly recognizes, to wield her beauty as a weapon, and her charm as a tool to deceive…

Amelia has never had to be anything but good and sweet and kind and lovely. But the chess game for the Twelve Kingdoms has swept her up in it, and she must make a gambit of her own. Can the prettiest princess become a pawn—or a queen?

My Opinion

Princess Ami was living her happily ever after. Having met and married Prince Hugh, theirs was a love match. Then war came to the Twelve Kingdoms and Hugh is killed. She finds that she is pregnant and both kings- her daddy and her father in law intend to take the baby as their heir to their respective thrones. No longer can Ami be the flirty, pretty younger sister. She will soon have someone else to think about besides herself.

Ami is annoying. She is brat, a self-centered, self-absorbed brat. Little by little she grows up. Little by little I begin to actually like her. In the beginning, she is so caught up in her woooh is my that I almost gave up. Her oldest sister, Ursula and the hidden agenda of the White Monk were the only reasons I kept reading. There was something about him that made me have to know what he was about. There was something about Ursula maybe her determination that made me want to see where the story would go. 

The White Monk, is brutal to Ami. He doesn’t give an inch, instead of being respectful of the mourning pregnant widow he calls her out on all of her bad behavior. It is fabulously done. He knows there is more to her than a pretty face and he refuses to be swayed by her tantrums and pouting. He is strong and he has righteousness on his side. He is not a man of the cloth, even though he is the White Monk.

The real question is how can I actually enjoy the book and hate the main character? The answer, no clue. The book is good. The world building and blending with the first book is done flawlessly. The tale will of course merge with that of the third book, Ursula’s story. Which is one that I want to read something fierce. I like how the stories so far have been entwined, hopefully the series will continue in that manner.

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “That you own me, body and soul.”

Other People

Ursula- eldest sister, heir to the throne
Andi- middle sister
Marin- mid-wife to Ami
Dafne- librarian

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