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Review: Soulfire

Author Juliette Cross
Format e-book
Print Length 109 pages
Publisher Lyrical Press/Kensington
Published October 20,2014

In a world divided by prejudice and hatred, only love can bridge the chasm.

Tensions are rising in the Gladium Province. The boundary between humans and Morgons has begun to blur. While the human aristocracy strives to maintain distance between their daughters and the dragon-hybrid race, fate has other plans.

As the daughter of the corporate king, Jessen Cade is duty-bound to honor her arranged marriage to a man she detests. Feeling trapped by family duty and a loveless future, she longs for more, straying to the Morgon side of the city.

Lucius Nightwing is the eldest son of the powerful Morgon clan, and the greatest enemy of Jessen’s father. When a bar-room brawl thrusts Jessen into his arms, his dragon roars to the surface, craving to sate his carnal hunger in the brown-eyed beauty. The beast in Lucius recognizes her as his own, even if the man refuses to admit the truth.

My Opinion

Jessen is the only daughter to the head of Cade Enterprises. Yes, the Cade family that owns half of the human side of Gladium Province. Fresh out of college she is eager to take her place in the family business. That is until her daddy tells her that her place is to marry the son of a guy he wants to do business with. Lucius is the eldest son of the Nightwing Family. The dominate Morgon clan, owner of the majority of the Morgon property in Gladium Province. Their biggest competitor is Cade Enterprise. They meet in a Morgon nightclub, one that allows humans to enter. He defends her and keeps her safe from Aron, the guy her daddy demands she marry, the guy that make her blood turn cold. She doesn’t understand the instant attraction to Lucius, he denies it. There is no denying though that she is his mate.

Jessen is an opinionated young lady. She does however love her family, and wants to make them proud. That is until her daddy announced that she was to marry for business. Her attraction to a Morgon is forbidden, extremely taboo in her world. Yet, she knows that the discrimination against the Morgon is wrong. She also
knows that Lucius has treated her better than any full human guy ever has.

Lucius is strong, proud, and capable. He is also afraid to find his mate. He knows firsthand the consequences of them not loving fully back. This causes him to try hard not to find his mate. Instead he emerges himself into the family enterprise.

Soulfire is a tale of overcoming racism, following your heart, and facing your fears.

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “I am yours.”

Other People

Sorcha- Bestie, outgoing
Ella- Bestie, meek
Demetrius- brother of Jessen
Aron- main who wants to marry Jessen
Lorian- Lucius’ brother

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  1. Three out of five stars is not bad! Mostly I like the cover this book. =) I'd never heard of it before. It seems a bit short - but I'm glad you at least somewhat liked the book, Angela. Wonderful review!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!