Sunday, May 22, 2016

Review: Magic Kingdom

Author Ella Summers
Format e-book
Print Length 267 pages
Publisher self
Published April 23, 2016

In the aftermath of the bloodbath in London, mercenary Alex Dering is just trying to get her life back to normal—whatever “normal” is for a mage with a newly-awakened dragon side. Her latest assignment: a job for the Magic Council, the leaders of the supernatural community and the people who sentenced Alex’s kind to death.

Apparently, normal just wasn’t in the cards.

A new and mysterious supernatural threat has arrived in Munich, someone who melts buildings, summons forth armies of the dead, then vanishes without a trace. If Alex can’t catch this rampaging supernatural, tensions between humans and supernaturals might just boil over. 

My Opinion

Magic Kingdom takes place right after Magic Blood. The Magic Council has hired Alex and by extension Logan (where she goes, he goes) to help solve the issues that are arising in Munich. Magic is on the fritz and it is up to them to figure out why. Weird stuff is happening and the Council needs to have it cleaned up before the Magic Summit takes place. 

A lot goes on in Magic Kingdom, Alex and her twin, Sera introduce their boyfriends to their twins. The girls inner dragons are able to talk to each other. Sera is still trying to unlock her inner dragon so she isn’t really helping her sister unless you count moral support. Marek and Eve are off doing something, the missing hybrids were mentioned. No one really knows what Naomi is off doing but it’s important cause she is MIA for a bit. Alex’s nightmares are getting worse and she is scaring herself. Oh ….Logan’s ex shows up on the scene, what a witch!

Alex and Logan are figuring out the inner workings of being in love and working together. Logan as an assassin doesn’t like people much. Alex has to remind him to be nice a lot. I don’t know it kinda fits him, so I say love the man love the scalding face. Alex’s interactions with her inner dragon, Nova are hilarious, you can literally feel the relationship building between them. Alex is still jumping head first towards danger, only now Logan prevents her from getting too hurt. His protectiveness is in overdrive since London. He has a contingency plan for his first two contingency plans of escaping with Alex intact should the Magic Council figure out what she is.

When Marek’s momma goes missing, all heck breaks loose. The group as a collective whole acts together to get her back. The big baddie Majestic has her, as Alex and Marek want to go guns a blazing, Logan won’t let them. Will they get to her in time? Will the council find out what the twins are? 

Magic Kingdom was a fun adrenaline rush from start to finish. You have to read all of the previous books in the series and her sister’s to really know what is going on. It is entertaining and amusing. You can’t go wrong with this series.

My Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “They have gigantic reality distortion field around their collective consciousness.”

Other People

Sera- Alex’s twin
Kai- Sera’s boyfriend
Naomi- Sera’s partner, fairy/mage hybrid
Marek- Alex's bestie, Eve's boyfriend
Zinnia- Logan’s ex

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