Monday, May 16, 2016

Review: The Talon of the Hawk

Author Jeffe Kennedy
Format e-book
Print Length 352 pages
Publisher Kensington
Published May 26, 2015


Three daughters were born to High King Uorsin, in place of the son he wanted. The youngest, lovely and sweet. The middle, pretty and subtle, with an air of magic. And the eldest, the Heir. A girl grudgingly honed to leadership, not beauty, to bear the sword and honor of the king.

Ursula’s loyalty is as ingrained as her straight warrior’s spine. She protects the peace of the Twelve Kingdoms with sweat and blood, her sisters from threats far and near. And she protects her father to prove her worth. But she never imagined her loyalty would become an open question on palace grounds. That her father would receive her with a foreign witch at one side and a hireling captain at the other—that soldiers would look on her as a woman, not as a warrior. She also never expected to decide the destiny of her sisters, of her people, of the Twelve Kingdoms and the Thirteenth. Not with her father still on the throne and war in the air. But the choice is before her. And the Heir must lead…

My Opinion

You know that song by Chumbawamba titled Tubthumping. Yeah… I doubt you do ( I didn’t) but you know that song that goes like this? “I get knocked down but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down.” Guess what it is Tubthumping by Chumbawamaba and it should be Ursula’s theme song. 

She is one girl that will take a beating and still get back up, sword in hand, ready for the next round. I want to feel bad for her, I really do but there is something about her that makes you not feel that way. Enraged yes, pity no. Ursula is a resilient heir to the throne of the Twelve Kingdoms. She has to be, with a father like hers. There are things revealed in this one that will make your tummy turn. Yet how she handles the situation is well perfect. Everything she has ever done has been to protect her sisters and her kingdom. Her love for them is clear. Too bad sometimes it looks like theirs’ for her is murky. 

Ursula returns to the palace in disgrace- at least that is how her father receives her. The king’s new woman is well a witch, both literally and figuratively. She is evil through and through and I would to see her dance with Ursula’s sword. Apparently, while she was gone her dad hired mercenaries to protect his position. The leader of the mercenaries, Harlan is a capable observant captain. Their contract iron-clad, and he knows how to bend the wording to enact his will. Ursula begs her father to let her handle her sisters. He refuses her and sends the mercenaries instead. It is a good thing that the contract Harlan signed stated that he has to protect the royal family. So he brings Ursula and her Hawks with him for fear of her life if she stayed in the palace.

Ursula as a warrior and heir is strong, lethal and mighty. Ursula as a woman, not so much. Events have occurred that makes her stand-offish and indifferent to the opposite sex. Harlan is immediately attracted to her. She will reject him, even at times is downright cruel to him. He will pursue her still. She is abrasive, blunt, and forceful. He will pursue her still. Ursula needs a strong man who is willing to chase. She doesn’t even realize she is on the run. Harlan is well- the phrase that comes to mind is where can Ig et one.

The Talons of the Hawk is a great conclusion to the series, there will be spin-off books with the other minor characters. The twelve kingdom series is entertaining, engaging and full of awe moments. It has just as many did that just happen moments. A perfect balance of romance and action.

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “Take care of my heart, for it goes with you.”

Other People

Dafne- librarian
Illyria- King Uorsin’s companion

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