Friday, May 6, 2016

Review: The Pages of the Mind

Author Jeffe Kennedy
Format e-book
Print Length 432 pages
Publisher Kensington
Published May 31, 2016

My Opinion

The Pages of the Mind is a spin-off of the Twelve Kingdom series. You do not have to read the original series to follow and enjoy this story (I didn’t and I adored the

Dafne is one of Queen Ursula’s trusted advisors. The Queen views her as one of her only friends and loves her like a sister- even calling her adopted sister. When word arrives that the consequences of Queen Ursula taking over her father’s kingdom has shifted the protection shield the Queen sends Danfe as an ambassador to the new countries. Dafne along with her bodyguards Jeep and shapeshifter Zynda join the Dasnaria envoy to greet the King of Nahanau, a group of islands that once belonged to the Dasnaria kingdom.

Once there Dafne is an unknown participant in a marriage ritual- one that accidently causes her to not be able to walk for a while. She soon finds herself emerged in a political powerplay with her at the center. The Dasnaria envoy must leave. Dafne just has to prevent herself from falling in love while she waits it out. She has no doubt that Ursula will rescue her. If only her new husband wasn’t so….sigh.

Dafne is an intelligent woman. She understands the politics of running a kingdom and soon recognizes the struggles that her husband has had to endure. She figures out a way to communicate with him through a known secondary language. She feels a strong draw to him yet remains loyal to Queen Ursula. King Naoka is a good king to his people. He is fair and just. He knows right away who/what Dafne is to him. He just has to make her understand. He is completely gentle with her. He is patient with Dafne and tries to understand that she was no raised in his world with their beliefs. Theirs is a relationship that grows, yet could be called insta-lust.

The Pages of the Mind is about a woman discovering herself and a King who stands by her side. It’s about loyalty, family and friends. It had me wanting to read the original series and hoping that the next book in the series was out. I also had me checking the author’s website daily for any news of a new release.

My Rating 4 out of 5

Favorite Quote “Change is rarely easy, and with growth comes pain.”

Other People

Kiraka- dragon
Tane- evil elder, wants the crown
Inoa- Naoka’s sister
Jepp- bodyguard
Zynda- shapeshifter

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