Friday, December 11, 2015

Review: Of Flame and Promise

Author Cecy Robson
Format e-ARC
Print Length 180 pages
Publisher Loveswept
Published January 12, 2016

Cursed by a spell meant to destroy them, Taran Wird and her sisters instead developed unique magical talents. With the power of fire and lightning literally at her fingertips, Taran doesn’t fear much. Demons, vamps, whatever—bring ’em on! Only one thing terrifies her: commitment.

Taran is crazy about her boyfriend, Gemini, a sexy were with the incredible ability to split into two separate wolves. But after watching her sister go through heartbreak with the pack’s Alpha, Taran knows not to count on happily ever after—despite Gemini’s desire to claim her as his mate. Reluctantly, she agrees to meet his very traditional and conservative parents. Taran’s a badass with a mouth to match, and Gemini loves her for it. She’s just not positive these attributes will please Mom and Dad.

Unsurprisingly, every attempt by Taran to bond with Gemini’s folks proves disastrous. But in the end, Taran finds that winning them over means unleashing her powers . . . and proving that this foul-mouthed fire-starter is a force to be reckoned with.

My Opinion

Oh my goodness- this book is slap your momma good! It has it all: action packed, passion filled and of course sisterly love. The kind that slaps you in the face with truth and protects you like a momma bear from all other harm.

Of Flame and Promise is the sixth book in the Weird Girls series. The other five books are Ceclia’s story, this kick-starts Taran’s tale. Although published after the Cursed by Destiny, it should be read before it if you want to fall the stories in “order” of events that occur.

Taran and her sisters were cursed by a crazy lady, who just so happens to be related to them. This curse has given them different powers- Taran is the power of fire. She can wield it just by thought, or emotions. Taran’s boyfriend is Tomo, known as Gemini (when he shifts he splits into two wolves not just one). Gemini wants to claim Taran as his mate- this is extremely important in the shifter world. Celia’s relationship issues with Aric, has given Taran frost bite cold feet in regards to becoming Gemini’s mate. Taran has always had bit of a commitment phobia, watching Celia’s pain (brought on by her mate, Aric) has made her totally against the idea.

While she keeps putting off the bonding ceremony, Gemini decides that it’s time for her to meet his parents. Those of you who know Taran know that she is not parent material. She is not the gal you take home introduce her to your momma and your papa. She is opinionated, loud, and well has a vocabulary that would make a sailor blush. The very thought of meeting his parents terrifies her. Yet, she agrees.

Gemini’s parents are old school. Which is another reason that Taran has a hard time impressing them. She so wants to make a good impression, to show Gemini how much she loves him. Taran tries so hard to make good impression on Gemini’s parents. She wants them to like her, but well…What occurs is like a horrible sitcom or a train wreck. That is until she decides to be herself again and screw it. Then the awesomeness of Taran emerges.

Taran is as much of a power force as Celia is. She has been through pretty much the same as Celia, the only difference is that humans were not terrified of her. So instead of avoiding her they would do the exact opposite. This has left a toll on Taran just as isolation had on Celia. It also explains how Taran because the loud personality that she is. It makes her…. well her. Gemini’s love for Taran shines through in this story. I was literally awestruck by his support of her, his believe in her and his desire for her to be his mate. I already thought that he was more swoon-worthy than Aric, this tale seals the deal.

The threat to Gemini, his parents and Taran is very real. The action was fast paced. There were moments where I felt my heart literally stop. Would they all make it out alive? Would they all make it out whole? Heck, would his parents ever accept her?

Of Flame and Promise is the perfect start for Taran and Gemini’s tale. It allows us to see their love for each other. It allows us to see how hard emotional entanglements are for Taran. It reinforces the bond of the sisters- how much they depend on each other. I am literally on the edge of the couch waiting for announcements of when the next installment into the Weird Girls world will come out.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “When adoration runs that deep, so does its torment.”

Other People

Aric- Alpha of Gemini’s pack
Celia- Taran’s oldest sister, shifter
Emme- Taran’s youngest sister, healer
Shayna- Taran’s younger sister, metal manipulator
Genevieve- Head witch of the local coven
Mrs. Mancuso- elderly neighbor and the bane of Taran’s existence


  1. Lovely review! Definitely loved the sound of the book, and that it has it all, and the characters. Might have to check this one out!

  2. Oh my goodness, Angela, thank you so much for this wonderful review and feature! I'm so excited you loved OF FLAME AND PROMISE!

  3. Hehe "slap your momma good" Nice!