Sunday, December 20, 2015

Review: Magic Stars

Author Ilona Andrews
Format e-book
Print Length 64 pages
Publisher NYLA
Published Dec. 8, 2015

From award-winning author, Ilona Andrews, an original novella, set in the New York Times #1 bestselling Kate Daniels World and featuring fan-favorites, Derek, and Curran and Kate’s very independent ward, Julie.

Scarred, solitary Derek Gaunt has separated from his Pack, and istruly a lone wolf. With no family he answers to no one; but is fiercely loyal to a chosen few. So, when several of those close to him are murdered, he’ll stop at nothing to hunt their killer through the magic-drenched streets of Atlanta.

Never one to be left on the sidelines, equally determined—some might say stubborn—Julie Lennart-Olsen soon joins in his pursuit; and what began as revenge turns into a race to save the city. Their search pits them against powers they never imagined and magic so old, it predates history. It may cost Derek his life, but there are things for which even he would risk everything.

Derek is known by Kate Daniels fans as the Boy Wonder. Her trusted sidekick until that is he is brutally tortured- so much so that his beautiful face is scarred beyond measure. Since his captivity he has been distant. The disfiguration puts his place in the pack at risk. As he was once the pack spy- due largely in part to his looks. No longer a candidate for a Calvin Kline ad, he is now more menacing. Once Curran leaves the pack Derek soon follows- as in the same day. Only leaving the pack means he is more likely to become a lone wolf and lone wolves are bad news bears.

My Opinion

Magic Stars begins with Derek on the hunt for the killers of the Iveses family. Not just the momma and the daddy but the killers also murdered the children. Derek could not let this go so he tracks them down, demands to know and finds out that the deaths of the blacksmith and his family was over a rock. Apparently a magic rock, they were hired to find. Hired by one Caleb Adams. Julie, Kate’s daughter, comes to Derek’s rescue. Not really, she happens upon him in the middle of a conversation with three Pack members. A conversation that soon turns deadly. Once they take care of that they are off to hunt for the missing elements of the rock Caleb Adams is after.

Derek’s point of view is wowziers. There are no words for how intense he is. I have always adored his interaction with Julie but this novella take it up a notch. Speaking of Julie, what is she doing? I worry for her. She is walking on thin ice and I am afraid that Derek won’t be there when it breaks. The chemistry between these two is off the charts. Yet, there is no romantic action occurring at least not yet. Julie is still a little too young- at least for Derek’s state of mind. Three years though is not that big of a difference once you are older.

This novella is supposed to be the starting point to a new Ilona Andrews series Grey Wolf. No word yet on when the next novella or book with Derek’s point of view will be out but I can say without a doubt that I will be one-clicking it as soon as humanly possible. My only complaint is that is ended too soon.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “Never show a weakness; never show pain.”

Other People

Adams- the big baddie in this tale

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  1. Oh, I really want to read this one. Sounds so good plus you loved it. AND I love that cover.