Friday, February 26, 2021

Review: This Broken Wolf

Author Everly Frost
Format e-ARC
Print Length 323 pages
Publisher Ever Realm Books
Published Feb. 26, 2021

I am a wolf shifter cast into the hands of fate.
Captive. Wrecked. Undone by a bond I never expected.

Another wolf has me now, and I am his to ruin.

Tristan Masters, the ruthless alpha whose destiny threatens to destroy him, has sworn to come for me.

But if he does, he will put the lives of his entire pack at risk.

I am the spark that could ignite Tristan's fury, but I'm strong enough to resist.

I will fight the pull of darkness that I sense growing inside me, my true nature that I'm only beginning to understand.

This dark wolf will not break.

This is a dark urban fantasy romance. Full length. 17+ for sex scenes and language.

My Opinion

This Broken Wolf is the second book in the Soul Bitten Shifter series. The first book, This Dark Wolf, ends with the mother of all Holy cliffhangers! Color me shocked, surprised and honestly shook. Reading it was one heck of an adventure and how it ends had me dying for the second on in this series. I had to know what happened to Tessa and Tristian. Would he be able to get her before she is taking away? Would he fight for her? Would he find her if she is forced away from him? I was not prepared for the answers y’all.

This Broken Wolf picks up right where This Dark Wolf ends, literally. The opening scene is the continuation of the story and what a way to start a book. Action packed, emotionally geared chapter that brings so many feelings that I just couldn’t help but continue to read until will past 2 am. Holy smokes y’all this book destroyed me.

The things that Ford forces Tessa to do, to unleash the darkness inside her. Only he didn’t count on her determination or her spirit to interfere. Ford has plans for his “little one”, plans that Tessa just does not agree with. Thank goodness someone who kinda knows her is with her. Someone who she will protect, as she has claimed them as one of hers. It is heart breaking what this individual has to go through. Although their actions does change my opinion of them. My only hope is that what was done can be undone.

The connection between Tristan and Tessa is undeniable. It is what consumes both of them. Due to their separation, their connections pulls them towards each other just as fate pulls them apart. Both of them have a lot of darkness in them, but just maybe that darkness will also allow them to see the light. If they could just be together. I think I may have missed Tristan just as much as Tessa. What was he doing while she was trying to get back to him? What is going on with the pack? What is going on with her pack and the Hidden House? While Tessa is away these questions played heavily on her mind and mine.

The angst is heavy in this one, but it is more a by-product of all that is going on. You cannot help but have angst when you are being held against your will. I did miss the girl gang, Danika and Iyana, as they were not captured with her in This Dark Wolf. Have no fear, I am sure we will see more of them in the next book. I also missed Jace, as I feel he balances Tristan well. Hopefully, there will be more of him in the next book as well.

This Broken Wolf was a rollercoaster ride of emotions on a road of self-discovery. Tessa is stronger than she knows, stronger than Ford suspected. I suspect he is in for a rude awaking in the next book. The ending chapter left me with my jaw on the floor. This cliffhanger is vastly different than the last one but dang y’all. How much more can either of these two take? With that ending, I had to already pre-order the next one which thankfully comes out in three months. Hopefully, on May 29 we get all the answers to the many questions This Broken Wolf leaves us with.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote “It’s not in my nature to obey.”

Other People

Ford- Wolf of War
Brynjar- ice giant
Perla- right hand female to Ford
Cody- Alpha-in-training

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  1. Cliffhangers are double=edged swords, aren't they? You hate to see it, but then, you're left craving for the instalment like it's your next breath. Lol.